March 24, 2004

Caught Between Cheeseburgers and Apaches

Make that three Big Macs, Two Pies, Fries,
and a supersized Hellfire Missile. To go.

Doctor "Deathwish Al" Rantissi, the newly appointed head terrorist of the PLO, confirmed that Hamas has now become so demented it views death as a perk.

Israelis "will know no security", Mr Rantissi told crowds of mourners at Gaza's soccer stadium.

He said he was not afraid of Israeli attempts to kill him.

"If it's cardiac arrest or an Apache (helicopter), I prefer to be killed by an Apache," Mr Rantissi told reporters.

I'm sure there's either an Apache or a Cheeseburger out there with his name on it. If he gets it while coming out of some Gaza Strip cheeseburger palace, I'll know irony is back in God's stand-up routine.

Now if he could manage it before Deathwish Al sends anymore dynamite-packing 12 year old boys out to kill Jewish children (see below) my joy would be complete.

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