May 29, 2011

The Flower Duet: "As you drifted off, you knew in your heart they'd play it at your funeral"

According to Wikipedia's list of uses of the melody in pop culture,

you listened to it in sorrow as you shoveled Godiva chocolates in your gob with one hand while smearing Ghirardelli chocolate all over the rest of your face with the other. You were bereft; your lover left you when you demanded he stop playing video games like Fallout: New Vegas instead of watching Kirstie Alley waddle around the Dancing With The Stars stage leaving footprints in the hardwood floor, while dead Leo's old warhorse purred in the background of both. You'd already had a tiff over whether David Usher's sample of the song or LL Cool J's sample of the song was superior; then the cad said he liked the cello-based rock band Rasputina's gloss on the song best, which they called "Mr. Romberg" for some reason, and you knew it was over. What a barbarian. -- Sippican Cottage: Pretty Girls Can Run Their Mouths And Get Away With It

Posted by Vanderleun at May 29, 2011 10:30 PM
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