August 18, 2004

Grand Rounds

THE LIGHTS ARE ON: Beautiful Baghdad Nights "2 nights ago I flew into Baghdad at about 3:30am. It was a very clear night and I could see for dozens of miles in all directions. It looked like it could be anywhere in America - lights were on EVERYWHERE.  Whatever electricity problems there were in the past, they certainly seem to be fixed now."
AND THE MEDIA ARE EMBEDDED IN ROOM SERVICE: "There are several very nice multi-story hotels where the incestuous media hang out by the pools, sipping cocktails and plagiarizing one another. They wait like vultures for news of the next suicide attack so they can smear the blood and shove the latest body count in our face. I wouldn't be surprised if they have betting pools on when, where, and how many will die...."
DAVID BRIN IS CONTEMPLATING DIAMONDS: "The diamond - featuring an empowered and comfortable middle class that vastly outnumbers the poor - shows how huge and obvious genuine progress has been, at least in the West, under our Modernist Agenda."


THE GNOSIS OF CALLIMACHUS (for word freaks everywhere) "The *gno- seed scatters its blossoms through many non-English languages, too, of course. "

VICTOR HANSON ON AMERICA, THE UNIVERSAL NATION: "Europe, for all its socialist pretenses, is a much more stratified and narrow society, plagued with unassimilated minorities. It is hard to imagine a Colin Powell, Alberto Gonzales, or Condoleezza Rice running the key ministries of France, Italy, or Belgium."

THE NEW HATE SPEECH: @ Don't tell me I don't give a damn / next stop is Vietnam.

"How dare you! Cindy lost her son!" has, in short order, become the new "RACIST" or "HOMOPHOBE" of progressive poltico speaK -- a loaded signifier whose power rests in its refusal to allow for any but a single signification, a way for leftwing ideologues to strangle debate in the crib and to prevent any discussion on the practical affects of Sheehan's carefully-orchestrated and increasingly-well funded anti-war media blitz by turning those very questions into an indictment of the questioner.

In short: any but a particular politically-sanctioned use of Cindy Sheehan's narrative has become, in effect, hate speech.

JAWA REPORTS: Left and Right Bloggers Military Service Survey

MALKIN and MALONEY publish the ultimate Air America takedown: INSIDE AIR AMERICA: AN INVESTIGATIVE BLOG REPORT. This collaboration is not only brilliant in content and documents, but a harbinger of blog reporting to come -- Left, Right, and Center.

NEO-NEO CON examines what may have "transpired between Cindy Sheehan and her son Casey when he signed up." -- Grieving parents in war--Part II: protesting parents, why now?


PEGGY NOONAN finds that Bush the Elder and Clinton, Bill are not" serious men who stood for serious things."

STEP RIGHT UP TO THE MILKY WAY BAR: "The survey using the orbiting infrared telescope provides the fine details of a long central bar feature that distinguishes the Milky Way from more pedestrian spiral galaxies."

HUNTER THOMPSON TO BECOME, WELL, SUB-ORBITAL: "Fireworks launchers will arc his ashes from a 153-foot structure capped by a double-thumbed, red Fiberglass fist." The story notes he will attain a final resting altitude of 300 feet. High enough for you?

THE EURO-RICH ARE PUTTING THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR .... " Consider Renova Negro: This all-black toilet paper from Spain is brand new, real, and mercilessly chic. Very Pedro Almodóvar. And, as it turns out, 10 times more costly than the average Euro-wipe. "

WHEN MASCOTS ARE DISARMED... "New Mexico State University's mascot, Pistol Pete, is being disarmed. University officials have also stripped the word "Pistol" from Pete's name. The new logo shows Pete twirling a lasso. The old Pete toted a pistol."

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love the quote from that famous Author, C. Clarke

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