January 3, 2005


A REASONABLE, BUT NOT OFTEN SEEN, GOAL OF ANALYSIS: "Since the goal of analysis is to enlarge the sphere of responsible behavior by the patient (that is, for the patient to understand and accept responsibility for their actions) giving advice is antithetical to such work.  Just as important, it is the patient who has to live with the results, intended and unintended, of their actions, not the analyst or therapist. " -- ShrinkWrapped

SCOTT SHIELDS, FIGHTING FOR HIS OWN TIN DROOL CUP WITH EVERY BREATH: How Bush Failed the Sago 13 "I haven't seen much discussion of it in the blogosphere, but there are 13 coal miners trapped under 260 feet of dirt right now in West Virginia."

Didn't take our ideologically driven vermin long to chime in on the West Virginia mining disaster as caused by that evil genius, George Bush. You can tell this Shields insect is warming up to a longer push on this with the coining of "The Sago 13."

I suppose at some point this kind of diseased thinking will be cured, but "How long, oh Lord, how long?"

DAVID BRIN ON GOD 2.O " A craftsman of mind-boggling subtlety, who formulated Maxwell’s Equations and all the other staggeringly beautiful innovations of math and geometrodynamics and quantum subtlety that translate into let there be light! "

WIRETAPPING? FERGEDDABOUTIT. IT'S THE DATAMINING, STUPID: "Data-mining, for those unfamiliar with it, simply put, collecting every available bit of information about you, public and that which comes up via investigation of others, accurate or inaccurate, putting it all in a massive file about you updated on a constant real-time basis, and then integrating that into a massive data-matrix that shows all perceived links between you and other people and enterprises, and then analyzes that, and then washes, rinses, and repeats, non-stop."

THE EVILS OF EATING ORGANIC: "Every organic mouthful makes it more difficult to feed the most vulnerable. As the distinguished Indian plant biologist CS Prakash put it: 'The only thing sustainable about organic farming in the developing world is that it sustains poverty and malnutrition.' "

Posted by Vanderleun at January 3, 2005 8:29 AM
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