January 8, 2006

The Democrats' Plan for Enduring National Security

OUR GREAT FATHER, ETERNAL LEADER, PRESIDENT FOR LIFE! HIS HEAD IS IN THE NOOSE.... Er.... HIS HAT IS ON HIS HEAD!.... No... that's not it... thinking.... thinking.... Ah HA!

HIS HAT IS IN HIS RING! Come now, infidel, to Saddam2008.com - Official Web Site

Read!! the stirring endorsements from such luminaries as Jimmy (I think I was a President) Carter, Michael Slimfast Moore, and the ever-popular Cindy What's Her Face!

Memorize!! the New Platform for the Enhanced Happiness you vill enjoy or die!:

"You will no longer become bored with freedom, for I will strip away the false freedoms that you believed you coveted and provide you with the one true freedom: freedom to live your lives as I see fit. You will also be freed from the tyranny of people who think differently than us - those whom you have struggled against all your life only to see surpass you time and time again. Your time has come: it is now your time to "win" and to be finally freed from their tyranny and oppression that has held you and your kind back for decades - even centuries."

Vote!! using the new improved non-Diebold Democratic Ballot for Complete Idiots -- The Single Wing Butterfuly Ballot complete with one and one choice only.

Elect!! Saddam. It's the only election you'll ever need and the last one you'll ever have.

Donate?? Don't bother. Once elected your new father will send his people around to collect all that you have. Save up. You don't really want that limp new Prius, do you?

P.S. Be sure to name any of your children you decide to let live either Saddam or Mohammad. Unless they are girl children. In that case, SEND THEM IN!!

From the ever-sharp mind of The Razor where you can order this:

by clicking Saddam for President 2008 Bumpersticker> The Ministry of Propaganda | CafePress

P.P.S. And do not, on pain of being shoved through a wood-chipper, neglect to read of my Earth First policies at Saddam2008 - 2020 Energy Plan

Whales have suffered more under the Bush regime than any other living creature except me. I promise that once elected, I will hunt down the Republicans and their supporters whereever they hide, including in the Arctic, by using whales on martyrdom operations. I will train them to hone in on the sound of Ann Coulter's voice, then trigger a small nuclear device, thereby incinerating all Republicans in the viscinity and guaranteeing 72 whale virgins in Whale Paradise.

There are others and there will be a test. It will be pass/fail.

Posted by Vanderleun at January 8, 2006 4:25 PM
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Too true, ROFL!

Posted by: daughter of patriots at April 8, 2006 5:41 PM

This post is a prime example of why I visit this site every day.

Posted by: teri at April 8, 2006 7:24 PM

How could the democrats abandon Kerry for Saddam? This is just so wrong! Kerry has WAY better suits than Saddam.

What are they thinking?

Posted by: AskMom at April 11, 2006 7:19 PM