April 16, 2011

"That's Entertainment" in the High (Very High) Desert

The following represents one of the entertainment 'options' available to the consumately bored and intellectually insane denizens of moonbat preserves in American Deserta. Read slowly in order to savor the vast and echoing nothingness of these colonized minds:


You have to love the last line, "Bring your prayers and a pillow because they might just sing a lullaby." In the old West of a younger nation, they'd bring rottten vegetables, tar, a feather pillow and a rail on which to ride this brain-dead duo out into the sagebrush as a means of improving the town.

Portraits of this very odd couple below the fold...


Posted by Vanderleun at April 16, 2011 8:48 AM
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Hmmm..."group experience" eh?

I say don a Moby T-shirt and cruise the perimeter for targets of opportunity. A man of your verbal pulchritude could talk a few of the young,nubile, easily led attendees into just about anything I imagine.

Posted by: westsoundmodern at April 16, 2011 9:26 AM

Ah, and Moab used to be such a nice, little, nothing town before the mountain bikers and attendant weirdos descended upon it.

Posted by: chuck at April 16, 2011 10:23 AM

(snarkon)Crap! I wasted my time seeing Jeff Beck last night.(snarkoff)

He(Beck)and his group were incredible. If he's going to be playing near you go and see.

Posted by: David McKinnis at April 16, 2011 11:11 AM

You poor man, you need some bonny-fied Western entertainment.

That lovely couple look creepily like the weirdos who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart.

Posted by: Jewel at April 16, 2011 11:20 AM

New age metaphysical conehead space rock music.
Bring a pillow indeed.


Posted by: jwm at April 16, 2011 11:35 AM

Jewel, excellent observation.

Posted by: Mumblix Grumph at April 16, 2011 12:42 PM

My favored form of entertainment in the desert Southwest generally involves firearms employed at distances unknown back east. But when it comes to music, if it's Jeff Beck, Toby Keith, or the London Symphony playing Haydn's Creation, it has to be better than this dreck. P.J. O'Rourke once had the trenchant observation that when the performers feel so good about themselves, then you know you're in for a bad show. I can't imagine the show being anything but awful with these two smug space cadets wailing their way through it.

Posted by: waltj at April 16, 2011 7:49 PM

Sponsored by KMZU, no less.

"KZMU is a grassroots, community, public radio station isolated in the dramatic landscapes of Canyonlands and the Colorado Plateau country. KZMU is truly an aural oasis in the desert airwaves of southeast Utah."

Ppretentiousness, thy name is Moab.

Posted by: Pappy at April 16, 2011 7:59 PM

So does Moab stand for Mother of All Bores, then?

Posted by: Jewel at April 16, 2011 9:38 PM

And the entire OP boils down to "I don't like these people or their music".

I doubt whether they would like you or your music either.

Posted by: Fletcher Christian at April 17, 2011 1:16 AM

Here you go again, Fletcher, posting a piece of drive-by snark that assumes moral and cultural equivalency between two sides that are actually galaxies away. And totally missing the real purpose of this post, which is the flexing and display of raw writing power for the benefit of a willing and appreciative audience.

But taking your putative complaint at face value: Of course stoned-out, talentless, hygiene-deficient losers are going to dislike focused, talented, well-groomed winners. Somewhere here in Seattle there is a dropout garage band drummer who absolutely loathes Izhak Perlman. Is your point that Perlman should somehow take to admiring the drummer? Or are you just pissed off that Gerard's work draws the crowds while yours languishes unremarked?

Posted by: raincityjazz at April 17, 2011 10:27 AM

Things haven't been the same since the Baghwan left.

Posted by: Casca at April 17, 2011 12:45 PM

Five bucks says they're wannabe Sufis.

Posted by: at April 17, 2011 1:08 PM

Oh, come on, Gerard. It's unseemly to be pounding on these brain-dead morons during Lent. Can't you wait until next week?

Posted by: ahem at April 17, 2011 8:21 PM

Shucks, Gerard. You're missin all the fun places. Next time you're south of Albuquerque, hit the little corner bar in San Antonio, just a few miles south of Socorro on I-25. Birth place of Conrad Hilton. One of them blink your eyes and you've passed it little hamlets. Try their green chili salsa with your steak and beans. They sell it by the quart, and if you're nice they'll pack it in ice.
If you time it right, you can drive a few miles east and take the tour of the Trinity Site. Maybe pick up a few crystals of vitrified sand.

New Mexico...Land of Enchantment!

Posted by: Ed Brown at April 18, 2011 12:32 AM

The only thing I find surprising is that the people willing to put down $15 to see these two perform actually have $15 to plop down.

The two hippies are making money off of other people in what I'd assume to be a voluntary endeavor. More power to them. I'm more concerned with their audience than I am with them.

Posted by: Daniel at April 18, 2011 4:34 AM
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