June 1, 2011

Welcome To The Lloyd Dobler Economy

Lloyd Dobler: I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career....

... I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that.

Our country can't keep turning out Lloyd Dobler's forever; we need people who buy, sell, build, drill, hammer, etc. And we need people to start companies that hire people to do those things. -- (Wizbang)
Posted by Vanderleun at June 1, 2011 10:55 AM
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In other words, Dobler is saying, "I don't want to work."

Early in the 19th century, the philosopher G. W. Hegel pointed out that humans learns to transcend themselves by engaging in productive work. When people make or repair objects, they lose their egos because they focus upon an entity outside their egos; they become other than their mere selves.

Evolutionary psychologists today point out that the objects that surround us--chairs, houses, automobiles, computers--are "embodied mind." Drilling, hammering, making are tasks that transform us from being primitive narcissists into beings who transcend themselves by extending their being into the world around them. Before science and the Enlightenment, theologians used to call this process "spirituality."

Posted by: Gloria at June 1, 2011 11:52 AM

OK, who is Lloyd Dobler? Is he related to Conrad?

Posted by: Fat Man at June 1, 2011 12:44 PM

Gloria, I don't know Hegel except that Kierkegaard was an antagonist but Aristotle thought that Matter is potentiality, form actuality. It follows, as you relate, that forms acting on forms will create new actualities. But is there an actual "table", for instance, if every instance is somehow different from every other? Is the rose ever actual or is the actualization of the rose, and the table, in itself endless? And man? In what sense is he never fulfilled, complete? Doesn't this touch on the lack of concreteness in beauty, truth, wisdom, understanding, and, of course, Love, and Liberty? Isn't it why G_d himself must be taken on Faith? For how does one grasp, hold, have, keep what is itself a kind of infinite potentiality? Being or Having...you figure it out.

Posted by: John Hinds at June 1, 2011 1:16 PM

As I recall, Lloyd was a martial arts instructor. I suppose any sort of teaching, and other "service professions" would technically be acceptable to him. Still, it's odd to think that anyone would argue for, say, business consulting being a more more "authentic" profession than, for example, carpentry.

Posted by: Umbriel at June 1, 2011 1:21 PM

Lloyd should move to Detroit. We stopped making, processing and selling stuff around here sometime shortly after Lyndon Johnson introduced us to the Great Society.

Posted by: Dewey From Detroit at June 1, 2011 4:08 PM

The Lloyd is here:

YouTube - Lloyd Dobler explains what he wants to do with his life

"I can't really work it all´╗┐ out now, I'm just kinda hanging with your daughter."


Posted by: Frank P at June 1, 2011 4:12 PM

That was 1989. Fast-forward to 2010.

Lloyd pursued his kick-boxing avocation with the same zeal and single-mindedness that he approached everything with. A year later it was managing a grunge band. A year after that tried community college but couldn't get with the program, dropped out. Tried the Army but he was trying to get in during the peace-dividend era, the standards were high. And so on.

He now works for a freight company as a logistic expert. Which sounds snazzy but what he really does is sit in a cube, far from a window, punch buttons on a computer. The ad said 'experience desirable but not required' and yeah, it's that kind of a job.

Lloyd is the man I almost was. I'd like to go back and slap myself.

Posted by: Brian Dunbar at June 1, 2011 5:48 PM

Who raised that guy? Pathetic. I'd hate him if he were my son.

Posted by: RedCarolina at June 1, 2011 6:53 PM

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. ugh. I blame the public schools.

Posted by: RedCarolina at June 1, 2011 8:02 PM

I guess Lloyd doesn't eat then.

Posted by: Scott at June 7, 2011 3:18 AM

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