June 10, 2017



The Moral Meaning of ‘The Sopranos,’ Ten Years Later - Acculturated It is impossible for a person to compartmentalize evil acts and separate them from the rest of his or her life. In the case of a gangland boss like Tony Soprano, it is impossible to maintain a real family and a Mafia family without having the latter corrupt and threaten the former.
No way out Globalism has made it possible to fund disorder from the profits of order. Qatar, for example has recently been accused of being the Switzerland of Terrorism. Yet it receives a vast income not only from the sale ofnatural gas but from holdings in the West. The BBC remarks that "Qatar owns more land in London than the Queen."
Marxism: A Cross Between Mean Girls & Lord of the Flies | Declination Deep down in their bones, they are afraid of us. Because that is the instant reset button. They immediately lose the second it comes to that. With Marxists, it is perpetual high school politics. View them through this lens, and a lot starts to make sense. Their tactics, their methods… it’s all straight out of school. Moral high ground, in their world, is straight-up popularity, and nothing more. You wonder why mountains of bodies surround every major Marxist regime? Imagine if you gave a bunch of catty valley girl teenagers absolute power over life and death. What would happen? How many would die?
Basic Economy Flights Exist To Make You Pay More For Air Travel – Consumerist American Airlines found that in test markets for the Basic Economy fare, it was able to raise the prices for regular economy fares. Customers were willing to pay more for a regular economy seat if there were something worse available. Like Basic Economy.
Denver Decriminalizes Public Defecation To Protect Illegal Aliens This new law, or lack thereof, has the ACLU seal of approval so you know it’s bullshit:
Denver Colorado is about to smell worse than piss-soaked shit-stained San Francisco. The city voted to essentially decriminalize public urination and defecation and the reason is as liberal as it gets. The city is now becoming a giant toilet to help protect illegal aliens from deportation. Denver is not only a sanctuary city for criminal immigrant scumbags but also now a sanctuary for human waste.
Cancer Isn’t a Logic Problem Cancer cells are not simply a disorder or breakdown in a mechanism, but an organism going on a full-tilt offensive, using multiple, often shifting strategies to produce and use molecular fuel, win resources, and evade the immune system. If so, then the rules of the game may change—these insights suggest that the war on cancer may be endless. Still, we can get better at treating it as an evolving entity within the context on its ecology, through the idea of “living drugs,” such as engineering the body’s own immune cells to sense and mobilize an attack on cancer.
It Turns Out That Paving a Road with Unwashed Clams Is Not a Good Idea | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities A few days ago, David Rose unloaded several truckloads of unwashed clam shells onto the access road to his property, as a cheaper alternative to gravel. As soon as they saw what was going on, Rose’s neighbors told him to use washed shells instead, as the ones he was unloading still had visible clam meat on them that would start to rot. He apparently declined and carried on with his original plan. After three rainy days, the sun came out over Tiverton, and with it came maggots, flies and a stench that neighbors describe as unbearable.
The Worst Ever First Day on the Job | Literary HubIn the preunion days, lunch would always be at a bar. On particularly tough jobs, John Callahan himself was known to show up late in the day with a case of beer for the crew. On road trips, it was the job of the guy in the shotgun seat to prepare a thermos of cocktails for the driver. At the end of a move, the shipper always offered us beer. Often our work would take us into New York City, which required a 7 am start. At 7:20 we’d get off I-95 in Pelham and stop at Arthur’s Bar and drink a couple or three screwdrivers before heading into Manhattan. As far as I could tell, the moving business floated on an ocean of alcohol.
CABINET // Journeys of Lactic Abstraction Milk is a substance prone to mimesis and abstraction, a duality echoed in the ebullient packaging that places it before us as an industrial staple. For pats of butter or rich creamy milks, there are countless hand-drawn bucolic scenes, realistically formed, that essentialize the gift of nature, of the mother, Mother Nature. Equally, milk is prone to abstraction through technical processing into powdered formulas or constituent parts. This abstraction is reflected in the aseptic geometries of plastic cartons, milk sticks, and Tetra Pak pyramids.
[Miscellany] | Bee-Brained, by Vauhini Vara | Harper's MagazineFor the past decade, Indian Americans have dominated the Scripps National Spelling Bee — among last year’s top ten were seven Indian spellers — and all the recent champions competed at the N.S.F. bee first. Nihar told me that his experience there established his training regimen. Also, he said, “If I hadn’t done N.S.F., I would have felt very scared spelling in front of a lot of people.”
Impossible City: New Orleans The last bars have closed, at four or five, and all that’s left is the sour smell of oysters, vomit, and stale beer. Every so often, in the cool drift from an open door, there comes a sweet trace of dark liquors, breathed out from shadowed wood. Cigarette smokers splash disinfectant across the sidewalk and hose it into the gutter. Shops put out their garbage, a simmering potpourri. These smells are always there, but you notice them more in the early hours of the day, when the distractions are few, when the neon has been switched off and the bands have gone home, when almost everyone is somewhere else.
BBC - Future - Why printers add secret tracking dots At that point, experts began taking a closer look at the document, now publicly available on the web. They discovered something else of interest: yellow dots in a roughly rectangular pattern repeated throughout the page. They were barely visible to the naked eye, but formed a coded design. After some quick analysis, they seemed to reveal the exact date and time that the pages in question were printed: 06:20 on 9 May, 2017 – at least, this is likely to be the time on the printer’s internal clock at that moment. The dots also encode a serial number for the printer.
What it Takes to Cook Some of Literature's Most Famous Meals | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian Dinah Friedhas created and photographed 50 famous meals from literature. From Holden Caulfield's cheese sandwich and maltto Oliver Twist's gruel, Fried has compiled a collection of images that fascinates food, photography and literature lovers alike in her newbook,Fictitious Dishes. "Eating and reading just go hand in hand," said Fried, "we use the same words, to have a voracious appetite for food or for books."

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Well, if this is the new software, Gerard, it's working well.

Hale Adams
Pikesville, People's still-mostly-Democratic Republic of Maryland

Posted by: Hale Adams at June 10, 2017 4:06 PM

Alas, next Tuesday earliest.

Posted by: vanderleun at June 10, 2017 4:35 PM

RE: Taking a public crap in Denver. Right, just give them an inch and they'll take at least ten miles.

(1) Open Public urination/defecation OK
(2) Wife Beating OK
(3) Cutting off Daughters Nose OK
(4) Raping Infidels (boys or girls) OK
(5) Beheading Infidels OK

Posted by: Denny at June 12, 2017 12:19 PM

We lead the world in computerized data collection!

Posted by: LS at June 15, 2017 10:39 AM
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