September 17, 2015

SNL "Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover"

HT: Bird Dog @ Maggie's Farm

Posted by gvanderleun at September 17, 2015 8:19 PM
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Laughed out loud the first time I say this years ago...laughed out loud this time...a classic...and a "warning"?

Posted by: Horatio at September 18, 2015 4:40 AM

Hmph, tramp stamps.

Posted by: chasmatic at September 18, 2015 6:05 AM

When my daughter of 18 was considering getting a tattoo, I told her there were a couple of things she should consider.

1.) You meet and fall in love with the man of your dreams, only to find out that he hates women with tattoos the first time he sees yours.

2.) If the man of your dreams doesn't mind your tattoos and marries you anyway, you still may have to explain them to your children and grandchildren when they ask about them, and women with tramp stamps are no longer socially acceptable.

The daughter still has yet to get inked.

Posted by: drdave at September 18, 2015 9:23 AM

Like those little candy dispenser boxes supposedly earmarked for missing children's funds, I would love to put something similar, with this "product," in my bar that's located in a college town. $$$$$$!

Considering what the girls put on their faces anyway in the form of "makeup" for that special night on the town, this remover is probably far more benign.

Posted by: ArmChair whilst Typesetting at September 18, 2015 2:04 PM

That's a brilliant idea. We could fund that off of Kickstarter and retire on our non-profit salaries for this charity.

Posted by: vanderleun at September 18, 2015 2:13 PM

"Charity." Indeed, the word has followed such an interesting curriculum vitae these days, not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. *cough*

Posted by: ArmChair whilst Accounting at September 18, 2015 3:07 PM

"Suzy, you know that pink fuzzy sweater you liked in 8th grade? How would you like having to wear it every day from now on until you die? That is what getting a tattoo is like. You wear it every day. You can modify some of it, but it is not easily changed. Just remember if you put it on, you can't take it off. Forever."

Guess I should have watched the video...

Posted by: tomw at September 21, 2015 6:53 AM