September 4, 2012

Ending the Endless 2-Minute Hate: ScottM Comments

"Until non-liberals understand that hate and violence are the fundamental characteristics of the "liberal" they have no hope of defeating them.

"As someone that grew up poor and lived and schooled among minorities, anti-white racism is endemic among them. In many "communities" the highest achievement is to demonstrate in every way they are apart from Whitey. Not once in private have I heard one minority scold/correct another minority for even vicious anti-white racist statements.

"Today's "liberalism" is about raw power. There may be a few "liberals" that still think "giving stuff away" will help someone. Mostly, being on the left is about getting on the right side of the billy club swing. In their mind all of US history has been you, or people like you, beating them with the billy club. The Left really believes you, and others like you, need to be beaten by any means necessary. You are sub-human in their mind and their pursuit of "social justice" justifies whatever they have to do to you. This is why the bad habit conservatives have of exempting contempt for the liberals near them is so destructive.

"Liberals have the hate to power a 24/7 fight. We think we only need to fight on election day every few years and then go back to our lives. That is how we've gotten into our current position. Things won't change until we change. Stop deciding what is comfortable and then adjusting your action to remain comfortable." -- ScottM: Side-Lines: Male Flight Attendant Down on Glenn Beck? Wonder Why?

Posted by gerardvanderleun at September 4, 2012 7:42 PM
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So right and so disheartening.
Seeing this, and occasionally experiencing it from the left (including from family and friends), kind of makes me feel know, perhaps I should just SUBMIT, go with the flow, try to get back to my life, but knowing deep inside, after SUBMISSION, they own you, and will do with you as they please.

Posted by: stephen b at September 4, 2012 8:23 PM

Learn the arguments. Internalize the points of the argument so you can win, even if you are woken from a deep sleep. Once you do that you need not fear any liberal, in any argument, about any subject. I listen to NPR several hours every day, plus conservative talk radio. "Liberals" are not smarter than you. They don't have facts on their side. They have a few phrases that suggest there is a lot in their intellectual warehouse so don't start a fight with them. Like Obama, they are empty suits.

Start getting your feet wet with simple and confounding questions like "I wonder why the people getting the most government help stay in the worst shape the longest?" Ask the liberal questions. Answering you will run his gas tank empty very quickly and put him on defensive. Start off concealing your conservative views, if necessary. The point is almost every "liberal" needs to be challenged almost every time they open their mouth. Don't expect to have them surrender and change their mind. The bad ones will never change their minds. The good ones will never tell you you changed their mind. It doesn't take as much as we fear to win, but it takes everyone trying to win.

Our past and current strategy is as doomed to failure as has been "nation-building" around the world. They are not like us. We cannot allow ourselves to project our views into their heads if we want to win. Accuse liberals of being racist, sexist, anti-American, etc. They are. Don't soft peddle those charges hoping they will notice you are nice and change. You are not effective while being nice to them. You can and should be nice in deed personally, but never nice in an argument. Be direct and put them on the defensive. They are going to call you names anyway.

Try this: Ask your "liberal" to explain some basic conservative idea like tax reduction, free trade, or opposition to affirmative action. You will learn 1) liberals don't even know our side has an argument, and 2) they are full of hate and contempt for our side. If you are in a union, or some other liberal-dominated group, speak up or stop telling other conservatives that "all x aren't that way" or "I just wanted you to know there are SOME x's out here." Nobody is more responsible for our current state of affairs than the "conservatives" that stay hidden. We are the majority, but we waste our power by hiding.The more of us that speak up the less any one of us will pay a penalty. The more some of us hide the safer it is to persecute the rare conservative that does speak up.

Posted by: Scott M at September 5, 2012 1:08 AM

Well said, Scott M.
I've encountered libs on some non-political sites in the last few weeks. They seem to have no trouble interjecting their politics into any and every field of discussion. And yes, they have astonishingly flimsy defenses when confronted. (you're a raaaacisss) I've tried (with little success) to avoid them because I don't like turning otherwise friendly groups into battlegrounds. But when I hear the BS, then those individuals become stand-ins for the entire left wing crap generator that we are at war with. I understand the need for polite, if incisive discourse, but I'm just sick to eyeballs of playing nice. Maybe it's time to let civility fall as a casualty of the conflict, and just let 'em have it with both barrels.


Posted by: jwm at September 5, 2012 8:14 AM

As I'm not in the habit of just shutting up and submitting to maintain some semblance peace with the devil, I've taken to politely declined every invitation to party's and events where I know 'progressives' will be in attendance. They always seemed to devolve into me calling people out on their bullshit...Nobody enjoys that, and it's just not generally polite being that guy who refuses to be stuffed into a comfy barrel of retards, so I just found new friends who aren't fucking morons reflexively enabling the bastards who screw me out of money and Liberty.

Posted by: monkeyfan at September 5, 2012 3:52 PM