May 3, 2016

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Say Goodbye to Your Mind

In order to be an effective persuader, you must embrace the idea that common sense is an illusion. And you must understand that humans rarely (if ever) do anything because of logic and reason. The part of us we consider rational is in reality a rationalizer. Your mind is creating little movies in which you are the star.

Should Flogging Be Reinstated As A Criminal Punishment?

Individuals answer to incentives. Rewards and punishments are an important guide in daily life. Today, prison is a deterrent for normal, civilized persons, but it has long ceased to be for those who dwell in a thug culture. Thugs boast about their condemnations as if they were something to be proud of.

If Mark Twain had been a blogger....

As 1906 began, he hit upon a system that finally produced a vast manuscript of more than half a million words: he hired a brilliant stenographer, Josephine Hobby, and he abandoned all thought of chronology, preferring simply to tell a tale, which reminded him of a story, which reminded him of a person, which reminded him of an adventure, which reminded him of a funny anecdote, all of which the talented Hobby would capture in full flow, complete with the pace and rhythm of Mark Twain the glorious and legendary raconteur. Brian Doyle delves into Twain’s autobiographic treasure trove

This is the story of a man who tried to capture the world, and really wanted us to listen.

Thrown into this avant-garde who's-who, Teibel could have been starstruck. Instead, out angling his microphone at the Brighton Beach surf, he got seastruck. Teibel’s roving mind craved a magnet—he loved his sleepless city, but it was no good for calming down, or corralling his thoughts. Even his hobbies had lost some luster. After years of manipulating noise for fun, he told a friend, he suddenly "found it hard to do anything pleasant" with it.
The sea sounds, though, were easy to love. Taken back to his Manhattan apartment and looped on repeat, they were even better. They quieted his mind. They helped him concentrate. They did something plain old human music couldn't.  The Man Who Recorded, Tamed and Then Sold Nature Sounds to America

Facebook feeds on personal sharing the way a vampire feeds on blood

Facebook has a problem. Its members aren't sharing as much as they used to. At least they're not sharing firsthand the way they used to. Instead of posting notices about what they're doing or thinking, or where they are, or whom they're hanging out with, they're just recycling secondhand stuff -- news stories, songs, other people's photos or tweets, YouTube videos, etc. The nature of what they share on the network is changing from the personal to the impersonal, from the informal to the formal, from the subjective to the objective. To put it into media terms, which would seem to be the appropriate terms, they are shifting their role from that of actor to that of producer or publisher or aggregator.

davidthompson: Charm School

Ms Sarah O’Donnell, a student of creative writing and environmental studies at Denison University, berates a couple of gentlemen ostensibly for their advocacy of free markets, but especially and most passionately for their whiteness and maleness. A combination that is, it turns out, self-evidently sinful. Even though we’ve seen this kind of airy posturing many times, it’s still quite odd to watch someone who’s basically a walking caricature of haughty, ignorant self-satisfaction.

Ray Bradbury on Writing, Emotion vs. Intelligence, and the Core of Creativity

The worst thing you do when you think is lie — you can make up reasons that are not true for the things that you did, and what you’re trying to do as a creative person is surprise yourself — find out who you really are, and try not to lie, try to tell the truth all the time.

Explorers just got their first glimpse inside the Amazon's mysterious tepui mountains

Inside the quartz sandstone caves - which are likely to have taken tens of millions of years to form - the team expects to uncover minerals and unique species of animals that have never been seen before. The caves are filled with peculiarly shaped speleothems (stalactites and stalagmites) carved out by colonies of microorganisms, and Sauro and his colleagues are hoping to finally figure out how they form.



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davidthompson: Charm School

"What’s even scarier is that students like O’Donnell will one day lead the nation."


You see, pressure doesn't always make diamonds, sometimes it makes explosions. In the very near future, maybe less than a year, people like this woman, Sarah O'Donnell, will litter the terrain with their decomposing bodies.

The problem for, "We the Living" will be how to deal with all of the rotting bodies. Don't underestimate this predicament.

~ patience my little pretty ~

Posted by: ghostsniper at May 3, 2016 4:35 AM