December 1, 2015

Notes from the Underground 11

After I explained his share of the National Debt to my grandson. U.S. Total Debt Soars By $674 Billion In November | Zero Hedge

Brine, Snark, Brunch, and Whole Foods: The Four Horsemen of Gentrification.

As Whole Foods arrives, hope departs. Ethnic restaurants will be replaced with half an aisle dedicated to “international ingredients.” Greek will be the only variety of yogurt and the quality of kale will be as high as the rent for an alcove studio. Lana Del Rey will be elected to the city’s council. There will be a great migration of former residents to more affordable housing. As they are loading their U-Hauls, one of them, a man without a ukulele, will look to the heavens and ask “Why?” He will hear the voice whisper a single word: “Kombucha.”

japanmummy.jpgThe Japanese Art of Self-Preservation
A monk who chose to perform self-mummification, or sokushinbutsu, began by abstaining from grains and cereals, eating only fruits and nuts for one thousand days. He spent this nearly three years meditating and continuing to perform service to the temple and community. Then for the next thousand days the monk ate only pine needles and bark. By the end of the two thousand days of fasting, the monk’s body had wasted away through starvation and dehydration. While this satisfied the requirement for suffering, it also started the process of mummification by removing excess fat and water, which would otherwise attract bacteria and insects after death.

Magic Mushrooms Create a Hyperconnected Brain

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, is best known for triggering vivid hallucinations. It can make colors seem oversaturated and dissolve the boundaries between objects. But the drug also seems to have more long-lasting effects. Many people report intensely spiritual experiences while taking the drug, and some studies even suggest that one transcendent trip can alter people's personalities on a long-term basis, making those individuals more open to new experiences and more appreciative of art, curiosity and emotion.

Why Donald Trump is Winning (Energy Momentum Focus)
Trump is a momentum player. He doesn’t wait for the perfect time to strike. He comes out swinging and he keeps swinging. There’s even a chapter in Think Big and Kick Ass called Big Mo! I have devoted a lot of time to studying and applying the power of momentum to my own life and business. I do not ever want to lose my momentum. The lesson applies whether you are in real estate or not. What do momentum types never do? We don’t apologize! An apology destroys your momentum, as it causes you to stop.

Tom Wolfe on the 'Me' Decade in America:
Eyes shut! deep in her own space! her hemorrhoids! the grisly peanut— What did they want to eliminate from their lives? Why, they took their fingers right off the old repress button and told the whole room. My husband! my wife! my homosexuality! my inability to communicate, my self-hatred, self-destructiveness, craven fears, puling weaknesses, primordial horrors, premature ejaculation, impotence, frigidity, rigidity, subservience, laziness, alcoholism, major vices, minor vices, grim habits, twisted psyches, tortured souls—and then it had been her turn, and she had said, “Hemorrhoids.”

Abortionists and Planned Parenthood Shooter Are Just Two Sides Of The Same Coin |
Planned Parenthood kills babies. Planned Parenthood sells the parts of dead babies. Planned Parenthood is a rotten, corrupt, depraved, vile, disgusting, brutal, murderous conglomerate of butchers and mercenaries. These statements are true and necessary, and the last thing I would ever do is “tone them down” or take a break from saying them just because some innocent people were murdered at one of their establishments. Innocent people are murdered at their establishments EVERY DAY, and that’s EXACTLY WHY I say them and will continue to say them as loudly and clearly as I can.

Big Hair of the 1960s – 30 Hair Styles from the 1960s That Will Boggle Your Mind
In the 1960s there was one hair motto: “bigger is better!” Some were really able to pull off the big hair like Dolly Parton, Priscilla Presley or Brigitte Bardot, but for others maybe a few of these 1960s hairdos are better left forgotten.


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I think Trump's a belligerent, arrogant, know-nothing asshole who would be a terrible president.

Not sure what that says about the conservative base who seem to strongly support him, but it's clear to me that I no longer have anything even remotely in common with the current crop of GOP primary voters.

I feel like a lonely conservative without a political home.

Posted by: Daphne at December 1, 2015 7:04 PM

I can understand you disliking Trump. So out of the current field of contenders, who is closest to your liking, and what about them is not up to par? Just curious.

Posted by: Snakepit Kansas at December 2, 2015 4:34 AM