October 7, 2004

Noted while passing in the breakdown lane.

Isn't there anything new out there in terms of thinking about creativity? Creative thinking tools on the Web seem to always be popular. If only they weren't all so dated. A case in point would be:The Solution Machine On The Web.

The Vile (but Admired in New York) McSweeney's Sinks Even Lower with Zombie Gettysburg Address.

Fighting Lawsuit Abuse and Exposing Silly Lawsuits has enjoyed a boost in popularity in the last few days. I wonder why.

For those who care, this Deft Dual Evisceration of Louis Lapham and Dan Rather is a small masterpiece.

The Lunacy: Cummings is worried about the upsurge in cannibalism. And so say we all. Pass the salt.

Some people have juice and some people have not juice: Cheney Folks: Yay! Edwards Folks: Fey

A rant in the old style: Encouraging undecided voters to stay home, stay quiet, and stay celibate.

Exploding Pants. Alas,not Sandy Berger's ... speaking of which, whatever happened to that guy?

Official Results: 40% of people taking this CNN poll have no brain at all.

Demosophia argues that "the classically liberal (whig) perspective has been all but erased from three institutional realms: mainstream news media, the entertainment industry and academia. " The consequences are suitably dire.

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