October 10, 2012

In Other News...

You load 16 tons of bullshit and whadda ya get? Washington Tops List of America's Richest Cities: D.C. area residents have a median household income of $86,680, well above the national average of $50,502.

Finally there's hope for snoring women who "hate their necks."

Elsewhere Sultan Knish notes that speech and religions are hardly free in America, but the ability to get other people pay for your birth control and provide a space for your gay wedding are doing well.

"Plus-sized" or "Right-Sized"? Plus-sized beauty Robyn Lawley is out to make everyone aware that beauty and size are not correlated to one another.

A plus-sized question today might be Did the White House give classified briefings on Libya to Leslie Gelb, a friendly columnist?

We have learned there is no point protesting Piss Christ,

or any thousand "slanders" against the Prophet of Christianity. We have learned that we will just have to live with it, and, if such things offend us, learn to control our tempers, and learn to avoid certain things that might otherwise give us pleasure, like museums.

Interview with A Vampire: ABC's McFadden Gushes to Michelle Obama: Do You Face 'Extra Pressures and Responsibilities?'

The Obama cultists’ cwack-up where their drool cups runneth over. Plus -- "You’re Half-Fired!": Obamacare = Part-Time Work?

Elsewhere, Live footage of King Alexander’s Assassination (1934): Three identical gunshot sounds were added to the film afterwards, when in reality Chernozemski shot over ten times, killing or wounding a total of 15 people. Fastforward 59 years: Brown Plastic Bowls In 1989 Theodore Dalrymple paid a visit to North Korea’s Pyongyang Department Store Number 1.

They milled around the counter in a bewildered fashion, clutching their bowls in one hand as if they were hats they had just doffed in the presence of a master. Some took them to the counter opposite to hand them in; some just waited until I had gone away.

Want to see Brad Pitt as Bob Marley? Here you go. With extensions. Don’t panic. No 84 species of lice in his ringlets, I’m sure. Brad Pitt as Hitman, Rasta, Gigolo for Steven Klein and Interview Magazine. At the other end of the celebrotosis spectrum MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY DEMONSTRATES EXTREME WEIGHTLOSS. DOES NOT LOOK THAT GOOD.

For real style check out "Gentlemen of Bacongo:" The movement, called Le Sape, combines French styles from their colonial roots and the individual's (often flamboyant) style. Le Sapeurs, as they're called, wear pink suits and D&G belts while living in the slums of this coastal African region.

Screw Sesame Nation! Mark Steyn sez:

Unlike Mitt, I loathe Sesame Street. It bears primary responsibility for what the Canadian blogger Binky calls the de-monsterization of childhood — the idea that there are no evil monsters out there at the edges of the map, just shaggy creatures who look a little funny and can sometimes be a bit grouchy about it because people prejudge them until they learn to celebrate diversity and help Cranky the Friendly Monster go recycling.


Posted by gerardvanderleun at October 10, 2012 9:07 AM
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Thanks. In it goes!

Posted by: vanderleun at October 10, 2012 11:22 AM

My Slogan: Send the Recession to Washington. Vote for Romney.

Posted by: Fat Man at October 10, 2012 12:07 PM

The only places where women appear undernourished and over dressed are in the media, particularly women's magazines.

In men's magazines, on the other hand, they are well-nourished, and wearing far fewer expensive clothes.

Posted by: leelu at October 10, 2012 2:32 PM

That piece by Theodore Dalrymple is a MUST read.

That was very similar to my experiences in China before the market reforms took effect.

A couple of years ago, I was visiting when I saw a wonder of wonders - a full sized massive Western style, shopping mega store stuffed with real goods and real shoppers at good prices.

It was shocking to see much things had changed.

Meanwhile North Korea continues with their abundance of scarcity.

Posted by: pdwalker at October 11, 2012 4:11 AM

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