February 13, 2011

"Feel-Well Greeting Cards" Lets You Double Down for Valentine's Day!

Posted by Vanderleun at February 13, 2011 10:30 PM
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That's Priceless!

Posted by: Diogenes Sarcastica at February 14, 2011 1:42 AM

"Double down for Valentine's Day" Gerard you are a double-doubling rascal.

Posted by: raincityjazz at February 14, 2011 7:15 AM

We should send some over to Lawrence Auster. He needs to feel the love.

Posted by: Jewel at February 14, 2011 7:35 AM

What should I tell my kids when they ask "why?" regarding black month and hispanic month? If you think it's forced on us, imagine what kids are forced to see and hear in schools, museums and even general entertainment media. Forced.

Posted by: RedCarolina at February 14, 2011 7:09 PM