July 28, 2007

A Fresh Heart with a Jump Start for Dick Cheney

"Can't we all just get along?"

Cheney's heart device replaced and he's ready for another "Summer of Love."

While still emerging from anesthesia, the Vice-President issued the following statement:

"Oh wow, heavy.... Nothing like getting your batteries replaced to just blow your mind. Brought my hair back too. I... am.... stoked!

Now, while I was out, I was tripping and I thought, hey, who am I to judge? And who are you to judge too. It's like the judgments, man, that bring you down. Dig it -- I do my thing and you do your thing and if by chance we meet, it's beautiful. I mean, why all the freaking out? You just have to cool out and I mean... like... you know... drop out of the fast lane and mellow down easy now.

Did you ever notice, I mean really, really notice, the little Acapulco Gold seed in the cup, man? Roots go down and dig that good earth and the leaves go up and like some hookah-smokin' caterpillar you get this groovy butterfly blossom all red and orange and gold shining and shining in the light.... Far out, right?

I mean... like... you know... check it out, on the slow train time does not interfere because, like we learned on the train, man, tomorrow never comes, man. It's all the same groovy day. We've all got to just turn on, tune in, and get happening, bro.

If there's one thing I learned when I was tripping its that the only problem with this whole country is that everybody is exactly one drink and one bong hit behind! I'm gonna lay that on George tomorrow and see if he can grok it. But don't get too jazzed because, hey man, tomorrow never knows... I'm recharged and in charge and I get by" with a little help from my friends. And that's where it's at.

Posted by Vanderleun at July 28, 2007 6:50 PM
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