February 16, 2005



"Your iPod's glaring whiteness is relaying signals back to the humans. Protect yourself from harmful rays in style with this hand-crafted hip cozy made of (possibly) organic felt.
...and don't forget to dress it up with a Welcome Squid Overlords shirt." Ur.... Okay, anything you say.

How to Make a Cheap Portable Espresso Machine:
"A caulk gun? Hey, if it's good enough for Taco Bell guacamole and sour cream, it's good enough for a fine and delicate espresso, right?" Right.

Ska for the Skeptical:
"Unlike Bollywood for the Skeptical, this mix will probably not make you twice as cool as you are now. lord knows there's a limited quotient of cool left on this good earth and much of it can be found keepin' it real in coltrane's tomb."

IE7 is on the way. Be very afraid:
The MicroGuy in charge says: We heard a clear message: "Yes, XP SP2 makes the situation better. We want more, sooner. We want security on top of the compatibility and extensibility IE gives us, and we want it on XP. Microsoft, show us your commitment.”" Translation: Show us the MONEY! You guys are hosed for another decade, suckers.
New Home Of Me and My Monkey:
Coil guns, the Flyback Transformer, tesla coils made from garbage, dumpser diving tips from the pros, spud guns and other things you should never try at home but probably will.

Five fast email productivity tips:
Five "no-brainers" from 43 Folders' Merlin Mann help you break your bad email habits.

Design Rules of Thumb:
How designers get things done in terms of audience, layout, typography, image and color.

Posted by Vanderleun at February 16, 2005 2:58 AM
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