July 25, 2003

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Charles Johnson's Little Green Footballs is one of the crown jewels of the American blogsphere. For years the site has been unremitting in its criticism and exposure of the global terror network. It has been especially vocal in exposing the unremitting dedication of the Palestinians' terror network to the total destruction of Israel. Accordingly the site has become a global clearing house for

the latest and most important news and views on these issues. And it has an attitude that will not be stopped. Jophnson sees things as they are and not as many would wish.

As a result LGF has made many enemies that would like nothing better than to see the site shut down. They've tired hacking and spamming and the posting of screeds and spite on the comments board. They are dedicated to spreading lies about the site in any venue that gives them a platform. Now they've gone to work against LGF on Alexa. lgf: LGF Alexa Page Needs Some Help

LGF bashers are having a field day on our Alexa review page, doing that usual LGF-bashing thing where they pull out the most extreme comments from our discussions and use them to smear the entire site, ignoring the vast majority of intelligent and informed commentators we have. If any of our readers would like to leave some more balanced reviews there, I think it would be helpful. Thanks to reader William for bringing this latest smear job to our attention.

If you know about LGF you might consider helping Charles, a man who has given a lot to the Net and to America and asks little in return. My own review of the site as submitted to Alexa reads:
Like a multitude of other sites discussing the war on terror, the current state of American and global politics, and the situation in the middle east, LGF finds and points to a lot of unpleasant news. What makes it different is, in one word, 'courage.' It does not equivocate and it does not gild the lily. Because of Johnson's own personal courage in airing views and news that would not otherwise penetrate the media screen, he has come under a lot of undeserved and unearned criticism. He sees things without blinders and reports the news as he sees fit. He is no more responsible for his comment board than ATT. The fact that he keeps comments open is testimony to his commitment to free speech far beyond that of his detractors. This is an invaluable and brave site.

UPDATE: What a difference half a day makes. This morning at the Alexa link above there were 5 reviews from the end of June denigrating this site. As of 5:15 PST there are now 147 reviews of LGF on the site running 95% positive.

Posted by Vanderleun at July 25, 2003 10:58 AM
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