January 6, 2006

Saturday Spent in My Pajamas Media

Aussie Dave at Israellycool wants you to guess what this is:

Really? Shame on you. For the answer click Here

DAILY KOS DEFINED: Frank @ IMAO nails it: "MySpaces for Moonbats."

WHEN THAT ECO-DAZED NEIGHBOR GETS HIS ELECTRIC CAR your electric rates are going up. It's simple small supply vs. bigger demand according to A Blog For All's It's Electrifying - It's Stupifying.

ACE FINDS HE CAN NO LONGER BREATHE in the vast clouds of smoke blowing out of Andrew Sullivan's commodious nether regions: "Of course that interests you, you narcissitic little shitheel; that's the one goddamn thing you got right, so plainly that is the most important datum in your nonsensical rant, as far as you're concerned." Ah, we love the smell of flamewars in the morning.

JAZZ WITHOUT A HOME: Amy Alkon @ Advice Goddess reports: "More news on Gary Musselman, a talented artist who happens to be homeless, and does his artwork out of the Santa Monica Starbucks at Hill and Main." (Examples of Mussleman's art at the link.)

HUNTING THE "Stephen Harper Eats Babies" HACKER: Steve Janke @ Angry in the Great White North thinks he has a line, several lines, on the identity of the hacker who took control of a Toronto train's advertising to assert strange dietary tastes of the part of Canada's conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper .

The hack was first reported @ Gerry's Blog with Railroading Harper, and Janke has been following up in a ruthless manner. He's now narrowed it down to one potential suspect, (a student at Sheridan College in the Telecommunications Technology program) 'Joshua,' "So is Joshua our electonic vandal? ," Joshua asks. "I'll reserve judgment, but "dani elle" seems to think so." And so the noose tightens....

IN RELATED NEWS, Stephen Harper, between babies, has been busy Instructing the ever-loathsome and increasingly insane Cindy Sheehan to micturate vertically on woven hemp.

BACK IN MANHATTAN, OUR HARD-BODIED SUPERGIRL PAMELA @ Atlas Shrugs notes that: "Americans are becoming more informed about Islam, and about the nature of the global jihad, and with that knowledge comes the realization that in the face of various aspects of this immense, life-and-death challenge, our leaders are responding either improperly or not at all."

GREAT BIG GOBS OF GREEN GRIMY FOOTBALL POSTS: LGF Statistics Update In April, Little Green Footballs had nearly one and a half million unique visitors. We're approaching three million comments.

CRAZY LIKE AN IRANIAN FOX: Austin Bay looks at bastions and even more dangerous possibilities in the Straits of Hormuz with : Iran’s nuclear mullahs and the UN: closer to sanctions?/A look at the Strait of Hormuz. "A sub bastion is an undersea area surrounded by mines and sensors, usually located in coastal waters. The sub hides inside the “bastion” — waiting to take a shot (with torpedoes or anti-ship missiles) at ships approaching the bastion or attempting to sweep the mines."

SHOW ME THE MONEY SHOW FIRST! Fausta mourns the passing of Louis Rukeyser in Thank you, Lou and confesses, "In my unmarried days I wouldn't go out on a date until after Lou's show was over."

STRANGE BREWSKIS FOR STRANGER MOVIES: Great Beer Movies @ Balloon Juice. And Cole should know.

SPACE CASE IN OHIO: Brainster's Blog plays Whack-a-Mole on of Ohio's Democratic candidates: "Zack Space? Sounds like a "netroots" candidate to me."


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