February 5, 2010

Weasel Watcher Winners: "What Do Heinrich Himmler and Yahoo Have in Common?"

Vultures of a feather! “To his eminence the Grand Mufti, 4 VII 1943, in remembrance H Himmler”

The Watcher @ Watcher of Weasels notes that both, though separated by time, distance, and death have sided with Palestinians against the Jews; as shown in two pieces of original research that have won this week's contest.

First in the Council category is Mere Rhetoric's deeply researched and illustrated - Yahoo Wipes “Ariel, Israel” Off The Map, Replaces It With “Jenin, Palestinian Occupied Territories”. It's an article that will make you regret you ever Yahooed:

Apparently someone has convinced Yahoo to go into their News Weather data, erase “Ariel, Israel” as a valid location, and replace it “Jenin, Palestinian Occupied Territories.” The 20,000 residents from Ariel, where the relevant weather station is built, apparently don’t deserve their own weather. Yahoo has decreed that it belongs to the residents of Jenin, which is 25 miles north and 850 feet lower.

Paired with Mere Rhetoric, is Pamela Geller's article @ Atlas Shrugs - historical investigation, From Himmler with Love: “His Eminence, the Grand Mufti, In Remembrance”.

Here the tale of two monsters gets personalized. The captured files of the German High Command in Flansburg at the war’s end reveal that the Arab riots of 1936 in Palestine were carried out by the Mufti with funds supplied by the Nazis. The report states: “Only through funds made available by Germany to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was it possible to carry out the revolt in Palestine.”
History that many have forgotten and are, as a consequence, on the verge of repeating.

In my own idiosyncratic "Best Headline" category, best in show has to go to Wolf Howling - The Three Stooges Meet Al Qaeda In Undiegate.

After Obama has had a full year in office, and after he had inherited a functioning system from the Bush administration, this is truly scandalous - not to mention incredibly dangerous for America. Call it Undiegate.

And my own "Oh, This Is Going to Be No Fun at All" category choice is J. E. Dyer's description of the grand SNAFU that will be the elimination of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, Commentary Contentions - When the Telling Starts.

The issue will be forced by lawsuit if by no other means. A 20-year veteran with combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan may not be comfortable, for example, endorsing “Gay Pride Month” or participating in scheduled military celebrations of it. He may be charged by a gay subordinate with creating a hostile work environment or ordered by a senior officer to get onboard with gay-pride celebrations. Perhaps his chain of command would back him up and force the issue to a higher level. The serious question remains: what does this have to do with warfighting readiness?

The complete listings of the awards follows:

Winning Council Submissions

Winning Non-Council Submissions

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