January 29, 2011

The Faith of the Fool: "He has faith that the lunatics in the streets everywhere will arrange themselves into the proper queues"

When it comes to Egypt and the O-Admin Cobb gets it more than all the Professional Fluffers on TV News:

"Right now what matters is what the Egyptian Army decides to do. What the Egyption ISPs decide to do. If they were partners with the American Systems Administration Force, they guys in the Pentagon would know the frequencies and codes on their communications systems and recognize their voices on the air. They could be in confident contact right now, and the Commander in Chief would be in the loop. But arrangements would require the presumptions of empire, a presumption that Barack Obama would never hold. He believes in natural law, but not that rights are the gift of the strong. And so he has faith that the lunatics in the streets everywhere will arrange themselves into the proper queues and that peace will establish itself. He's a dreamer that Obama and he and his brain dead hack Secretary of State are sleepwalking through yet another crisis, like spectators of the NFC playoffs who care more about the commercials at the Super Bowl than who wins.

"Violence never solved anything, goes the mantra. Speeches do?

"Speeches only work in the hegemony over The Slice**, and then only when the Slice is being paid with regularity. Obama doesn't have money for Egypt. He doesn't have money for anybody, and people are waking up to that reality. The only question is whether or not he has the audacity to use troops, which he doesn't. So he is essentially out of equation. America sleeps once again. Wake us when you have a new leader, Egypt. He can come to Disney World. Shake hands. Take pictures. Maybe even get a bow out of our lame duck Commander in Chief. You can play whatever song you like on the piano at the White House. We don't care. Really, we don't. -- Collapsing with the Swiftness - Cobb

[** The Slice: There are the powerful, there is the Slice, and there is the peasantry. The Slice is smaller, much smaller than the middle class. I believe it to be smaller than the upper middle class. Indeed it is a small subset of the rich and near rich. They are the people who work because they know how and because they want to, but most importantly, they enable the institutions of power. -- The Peasant Principle - Cobb]

Posted by Vanderleun at January 29, 2011 12:43 PM
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Yes, his post deserves a wider dissemination. Thanks for explaining "The Slice", too.

Posted by: Zardoz at January 29, 2011 1:58 PM

He's right about Obama. He's a disaster. Six months from now he will finally make a decision about Egypt and that will be wrong too. Does he have any idea of the value of the Suez Canal?

It's up to the Egyptian army. They can hold it together if they get tough. Otherwise it's going to be the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran light. Oil may get pricey.

The Slice. Cobb's right about that too. Cobb's the modern Eric Hoffer.

Posted by: Jimmy J. at January 29, 2011 10:55 PM