February 9, 2005

Michael Yon's New Forum

Yon on the Job

IT'S BEEN SOME DAYS SINCE MICHAEL YON POSTED, but his blog has undergone a redesign and has an improved look and feel. Added to the page is a forum for general remarks @ Open Forum: Michael Yon in Iraq with Yon's note:

Getting these dispatches right is challenging. Iraq multiplies the challenge. The chaos of combat has already claimed two pairs of eye-glasses, a video camera, and two digital still cameras; the environment is merciless, with 117 degree days beating down over land and people.

I was in the Army some years ago and maintained close contact with many friends who made a career of military service. Naturally, I had an interest in what was happening in Iraq--I had friends in harm's way.

But what spurred me to drop what I was doing, get on a plane and fly halfway around the world, to a war zone, was a growing sense that what I was seeing reported on television, as well as in newspapers and magazines, was inconsistent with the reality my friends were describing. I wanted to see the truth, first hand, for myself.

Drop by and leave him a note. Leave him a contribution too.

Posted by Vanderleun at February 9, 2005 12:53 PM
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