October 3, 2003

Clinton Redux Yet Again Encore

"Ain't a free country if a man
can't blow what he pleases."

Bret Stephens outlines the late and not so great career of our tragically hip ex-President in On Being a 'Clinton-Hater' -- Why I lost faith in the man I backed in 1992.

And he's got his reasons.

Anyway, Mr. Clinton was there. Already he had brought the crowd to its feet at the Mann auditorium in Tel Aviv, singing John Lennon's "Imagine" with a group of Arab and Israeli schoolchildren ("Imagine there's no countries/ It isn't hard to do"). Now he had something personal to say. He had been in Srebrenica the day before, he said. There he had met a woman who was burying her husband and six children. He told us to be mindful that ours was not the only country visited by horror. He told us that Mr. Peres was a man who knew that vengeance belonged to God, not man.

He said all this in a hoarse and mournful and significant tone of voice. I wanted to puke.

There are a sheaf of other reasons that don't involve involuntary regurgitation, but they're worth reading to remind yourself that term limits and Republicans are not always bad things.

Come to think of it, I backed him 1992 as well. I plead "Intellectual Insanity."

Posted by Van der Leun at October 3, 2003 8:57 AM
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