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Climate Strange Report: Potential Gaian-sized fart lurks beneath Antarctica

The continent that dealt it.

Science News via Wired Science (there's two "trustworthy sources") sends the world to hell today with the latest TEOTWAWKI fear bomb with Methane May Be Building Under Antarctic Ice

"If the methane produced by the bacteria gets trapped beneath the ice and builds up over long periods of time — a possibility that is far from certain — it could mean that as ice sheets melt under warmer temperatures, they would release large amounts of heat-trapping methane gas."
Here's how it goes, I guess. Over the vast millennia the suppressed bacteria are building up a gigantic bubble of gas under the ice. Suddenly, due to global warming, global cooling, earthquakes, and a comet strike that ice is thinned, weakened, and the vast continental sized bubble of methane just can't take it anymore and comes ripping to the surface.

"This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends...." Sensing curry in the wind, a scientist at India's Antarctic station, Dakshin Gangotri steps outside and decides to enjoy a smoke. He flicks his Bic and..... kerblooey! The Kali Yuga begins and the world ends with a bang and a whimper.

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Zero Divided by Zero = Meghan McCain

Can anyone, ANYONE, explain why this mangina is getting a column anywhere outside of FARK? Want to make the case that CO2 is a lethal gas? Just expose a gerbil within a 20 foot radius of this DNA sinkhole.

Look on her latest and despair.

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Green Links: Worst Blog Feature Ever | Take the Poll!

You know, crap like this:

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Gatesgate Moves MSM From the Tank to the Toilet

michael_crowleyweb.jpgLeft, Michael Crowley: Still a poster-boy after all these years.

As the dew dries to crusted smegma on the Obama rose, we need to find better metaphors for the Obamallationist media that's looking for a way to rinse the acrid taste out of their morning-after mouths.

Yes, with every passing day spin is getting more and more difficult and desperate for those that stapled their scrotums to the axles of Obama's juggernaut. To paraphrase their jug-eared idol,

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You can follow the news on "Swine Flu" or you can follow the news on "torture"...

... either way the effect on your mental health is the same:


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When It Comes to Web Pages Drenched in Graphic Garbage,

the all-time "winner" in the endless competition to see who can pile the most crap on a single page has to be home page makes you want to claw your eyes from your head to stop the pain.

It is simply stupefying to see one site with so little sense of lucidity and simplicity in design. To paraphrase Shakespeare, it has become "A site made by an idiot. Full of so much sound and fury it signifies nothing." For all that they have done and will do I'm giving them my "Pinhead Pundits" award.

Too bad. They've got good writers.

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Department of Stupid Questions -- Peggy Noonan Edition

renocol_peggynoonan.jpgPeggy Noonan is starting to take off the kneepads she so gleefully strapped on last October. Also fading now is Noonan's once palpably moist adulation

Mr. Obama's cabinet picks and other nominations suggest moderation, also maturity...
Still, in her rush to de-adulate, she seems to have lost some insight into her often-touted ability to see behind the scenes in DC.

In today's column Noonan actually wonders

"why, say, the president does not step in and insist on staffing the top level of his Treasury Department, where besieged Secretary Tim Geithner struggles without deputies through his 15-hour days."
Peggy, Peggy, Peggy. Listen, old girl, I know the pressures of one column every week or two are overwhelming, but you can do it if you really try. In that light, has it occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, they've phoned everybody in their "Best & Brightest" rolodex and found that nobody in their right mind wants a job in the Obama Treasury Department?

Peggy, you've got a phone and a decades deep DC rolodex. Pick up the phone and check it out.

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The 12 Days Of Global Warming

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Stuff White People Really Like: Little Black Dolls They Can Hold in Their Big White Hands...

... and Squeeze Until They Say "Yes, Massa."


This illustration via the clammy cadre of "progressive" white racists at The Boston Phoenix. You know, those happy warriors who voted for Obama because "it's not about race but about 'change' Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink." Now they're running a charming story about what they think they're owed. Sure to be short-listed for The Putzer Prizes, this magnum dopus is titled and subtitled Take Back Barack -- "It's time to reclaim the man we put in the White House." An assertion to which one might answer, with Tonto, "What do you me 'we', white man?"

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The Ice Caps Are Melting! So? What?
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Weird Terminology of Our Times: "Assisted" Suicide

I've known a few suicides, but none of them ever seemed to require "assistance" once their minds were made up. One or two tries, maybe. But sooner or later, they got it done. Perhaps "Suicide Assistants" can be a new career path for some of those 2.5 million folks Obama wants to find jobs for.

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When Will Racism Be Over in America?

The most tedious argument over the past fortnight is the one in which our pinhead pundits debate whether or not the election of Obama means racism is over.

Here's the short answer: "No."

If the election of Obama proves one thing about the race card in American politics, it proves that the race card is just to valuable a card to take out of the deck. It works and will keep on being played until it doesn't work any longer.

Which leaves us with the even more tedious question, "How long, oh pinhead pundits, how long until racism is over in America?"

Here's the less-short answer: "Racism in America will be over when the people do not elect or re-elect an African-American for President."

As to when sexism in America will be over, that's going to happen at the end of racism or shortly thereafter. In fact, given the rise of Sarah Palin and the intensity which the current ruling racists of America are seeking to destroy her, the racists know that too.

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