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The BSBFB is Back and It Is Badass


Yes, after a strange wandering-in-the-wilderness hiatus, it is a pleasure to see the return of BSBFB – AKA The Borderline Sociopathic Blog for Boys

How "sociopathic?"

Well you can find an item like this:

And then a week later you can find an item like this:

We report. You decide.

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Something Wonderful: Rube Goldberg's House

I am so pleased that the closeted psychotics of BSBFB – The Borderline Sociopathic Blog for Boys (A subset of Sipplican Cottage) are BACK BABY! Here's their latest offering.

So I’m watching this Rube Goldberg contraption. It’s the shizzle. It rifles through Newton’s wastebasket, looking for new Laws of Motion after the first three aren’t enough to get the job done. It uses hydraulics, and electromotive force, and combustion, and every darn thing they can lay their hands on in the modern snouthouse. If it’s available at the mall, it’s integrated into the action. The hammer blow to turn on the power strip and start the fan is inspired.

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Chuck Berry: You were a magnificent mean weird wonderful hack genius AMERICAN.

Chuck Berry's dead. He was 90. Bonne chance at Saint Peter's gate, Chuck, you're going to need it. You were a magnificent mean weird wonderful hack genius AMERICAN.

He was all those things, surely. He wasn't American. He was AMERICAN. Only America could possibly produce him. The rest of the world loved him, as you can see by watching this video from France in 1965. Europe loved him, but they could never cobble a guy like that together. The important part of his career was already over when this video was made, though few knew it at the time, including Chuck. Europe was already an off Broadway production.

Europeans sent us a bronze broad to stand in the granite harbor outside Ellis Island. It was allegedly a gift, but I suspect they sent it so they'd have something familiar to look at after they bolted the doors on their dusty museum of cultures and fled. We sent them Chuck Berry records in return as a way to show them This is how we roll. ..... To Europe, America has always been a bad man. The pecksniff attitude their governments have always heaped on us has a dash of cowardice in it. Chuck was a bad man. It made him all the more American to a toff, I imagine. I don't mean he was a bad man in just the figurative sense, though. Chuck was a real live criminal. If you read Chuck's bios, you're bound to find fans desperately trying to pooh-pooh his criminal background. The gun he used in a carjacking was broken, so it doesn't matter........ RTWT, no, READ THE WHOLE THING AT Sippican Cottage: Chuck Berry Has No Particular Place To Go ... BECAUSE.... Sipp knows.

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Brain Jazz


“Jazz is often described as being an extremely individualistic art form. You can figure out which jazz musician is playing because one person’s improvisation sounds only like him or her. “What we think is happening is when you’re telling your own musical story, you’re shutting down impulses that might impede the flow of novel ideas.” - - ScienceDaily
We don't fill in a formula of departments and features and tips and quips every hour every day every week.

We're jamming.

We just make up our content on the fly. No going back. No edits. Mainlining others' thoughts.

Lock and Load. Fire and forget.

It's like an endless orchestra of brain musicians high on brain jazz.

If you can type and have something to say, you can sit in on the session and jam.

If you can take it high, if you can take it low, if you can tie it in a knot, if you can tie it in a bow. If you can throw it o'er your shoulder like a continental soldier...

You. Can. Play.

You can play. Any number can play. ANY NUMBER can play a number and that number is always an unknown number. But if you can play unknown numbers you can sit in on the session and jam.

If not, you can just login and kick back and watch the others go at it.

You never know what you're going to get, or which way the next person is going to bend the thread in your head.

You're just there, in real time, and saying, really, whatever comes into your head.

Sometimes its flat, even more often predictable, and, yes, it can get really boring.... just like a lot of modern jazz.

But still, there are times -- rarer now to be sure -- when the whole thing....

Just. Takes. Off....

And you find yourself thinking things you never thought you'd think remembering licks long forgotten and saying things you never planned to say to a lot of people who are coming right back at you, jamming harder and seeing if you can all somehow take it higher.

Not to be profound, just to take it around. It's like being in a Doctor Strange far out on the range in an intellectual groove and you've got lift off.

Have this happen a couple of time and you're hooked, man. Like me, man.

I've been hooked for years, man....

but it doesn't rule my life,

.... man.

First published here in 2003, but written for The Well in 1989.

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Tibet from Space


The International Space Station viewed from the approaching Space Shuttle. View is southeast. The bow tie shaped lake is Peko Tso in southern Tibet. Kathmandu is to the south of it. The Mustang region of Nepal is visible in the lower centre of the image.


Looking west, north-west across the the Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya. Bhutan is in the lower right. Nam Tso is in middle right of the photo. The odd-shaped lake is Yamdrok Tso. Lhasa is located between the two lakes. December 20, 2014.

An enthralling photo/history/personal essay on the ancient nation as see from high above at Tibet from Space キ Maptia

These are the days of miracle and wonder,
This is the long distance call,
The way the camera follows us in slo-mo
The way we look to us all o-yeah,
The way we look to a distant constellation
That's dying in a corner of the sky,
These are the days of miracle and wonder
And don't cry baby don't cry
Don't cry don't cry

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[Saturday] [Sunday] [Monday] [Tuesday] [Wednesday] [Thursday] [Friday] [ Rinse and Repeat] Morning Links

IM..... PRESSIVE: Saturday morning [and every other damn day for years ] lovingly and intelligently chosen and hand-crafted and organic and sustainable links. GET SOME AT - Maggie's Farm. Get some.

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Double Vision: The Most Fascinating Post Today

What do these two men have in common? One's a good student. One isn't. One's gay. One's straight. One's... etc and so forth.


Check out neo-neocon's discovery and exposition today HERE.

You won't believe it.

And then you will.

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Pithmaster: Quotations from Chairman Reynolds

Illustration by Eric @ Classical Values

It never ceases to amaze me what a quote machine we have in Instapundit (aka Glenn Reynolds). The man rolls out more memorable one-liners in a day than the President of the United States has managed to do in.... well, his whole life to date.

Some people think this is easy to do.... until they try it day in and day out year after year. They usually fade somewhere before noon on day one.

Giving the pith and giving the gag and whipping the quip are talents that are both God-given and self-generated through discipline and a playful habit of mind. Here's a selection from the current page of the last two and a half days of postings.

He's been rolling like this for ten years now. An amazing performance by any standards.

Just remember: You can’t live a million years if you don’t make it through the next twenty or thirty.


The GOP doesn’t work the press well. Part of that is learned helplessness, but part of it is ineptitude.

Ordinary vacations are for the little people.

BEWARE THE BEARS. Make ‘em into rugs, as an example to the others.

CAN DRIVERLESS POD CARS solve the “last mile” problem? I dunno, but you’re gonna need a better name than “pod cars,” which sounds like transportation for “pod people.”

WHO IS BEHIND THE U.S “DAY OF RAGE” AGAINST WALL STREET? The usual suspects. But if they’re not burning Barack Obama and Tim Geithner in effigy, then they’re not really angry at Wall Street and its tools, they’re just putting on a show.

FROM LINGERIE MODEL to NASCAR driver. Well, either way you have a lot of male fans.


Obama’s attacks hurt his likability, which at this point is all he’s got left.

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Pithmaster: Quotations from Chairman Reynolds

Illustration by Eric @ Classical Values

It never ceases to amaze me what a quote machine we have in Instapundit (aka Glenn Reynolds). The man rolls out more memorable one-liners in a day than the President of the United States has managed to do in.... well, his whole life to date.

Some people think this is easy to do.... until they try it day in and day out year after year. They usually fade somewhere before noon on day one.

Giving the pith and giving the gag and whipping the quip are talents that are both God-given and self-generated through discipline and a playful habit of mind. Here's a selection from the current page of the last two and a half days of postings.

He's been rolling like this for ten years now. An amazing performance by any standards.

Just remember: You can’t live a million years if you don’t make it through the next twenty or thirty.


The GOP doesn’t work the press well. Part of that is learned helplessness, but part of it is ineptitude.

Ordinary vacations are for the little people.

BEWARE THE BEARS. Make ‘em into rugs, as an example to the others.

CAN DRIVERLESS POD CARS solve the “last mile” problem? I dunno, but you’re gonna need a better name than “pod cars,” which sounds like transportation for “pod people.”

WHO IS BEHIND THE U.S “DAY OF RAGE” AGAINST WALL STREET? The usual suspects. But if they’re not burning Barack Obama and Tim Geithner in effigy, then they’re not really angry at Wall Street and its tools, they’re just putting on a show.

FROM LINGERIE MODEL to NASCAR driver. Well, either way you have a lot of male fans.


Obama’s attacks hurt his likability, which at this point is all he’s got left.

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Headlines from the Greatest Small Town Newspaper on the Net


Attention Blonde Women: You Are Not Being Audited, And Prince Albert Is Not In The Can

SWAT Team Addresses Trade Deficit Between New York And Scarborough

Local Math Teachers Amazed, Excited About Yardsticks And Tape Measures

Forest Rangers Wonder Why A Fellow From Perry Smells Like Pine Trees And Matches

Elderly Maine Residents Always Seem To Be In The Last Place You Look For Them

Still Time To Enroll At University College At Rumford/Mexico And Become A Slightly More Educated Unemployed Person

Where else but in The Rumford Meteor | Maine news from the seat of Oxford County, Maine?

I keep telling people they should subscribe, but do they listen? Noooooooo.

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You've Got Questions. Cobb's Got The Answers.

"For Christmas I managed to get my hands on the Republican and Democrat plans for mobilizing the black community and a shredder."

Will. Make. Your. Day.

Elsewhen on Cobb: Irksome Nosy Moral Dainty Persons
"I want you to imagine that you are a millionaire and that you don't care about patriotism - rather like George Soros but not so extreme. Some terrorist destroys the Statue of Liberty. Your reaction is indifference. What you will be is one vote in favor of not engaging the wrath of 150 million Americans. Do you get it? The Statue of Liberty means nothing to you because you don't need it. You need almost nothing from those things America promises to Jane Doe. Your identity is not wrapped up in such small gifts. Your byline is 'What do you mean we?' "

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Punch Lines and Party Lines


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Sippican Cottage's Spring Sale Announced. Priced at 66% Off Because 666% Off Would Be Just Beastly

Such a deal.

I've purchased two of these items myself and I am mighty pleased with them (Especially the bench which solved a thorny table problem I've had for years.).


Here they are with seven others at the link: Ready To Ship Hot Stuff from the Sippican Cottage Furniture Company of Maine .

Get Sippican Cottage Furniture, up to 66% off, ready to ship

Happy Spring from Sippican Cottage! Nine new items have been added to our Ready To Ship page, to help you spruce up your digs. Solid wood, handmade right here in Maine, and deep discounted for you without any group coupon foolishness.

Sippican Cottage Furniture of Maine - the way life should be.

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Tammy Bruce, Goddess of Pith, on Sarah Palin, "She'll always look this good...."


She shoots. She scores: Liberals, Islamists and Globalists take note: She’ll always look this good, even when ruining your plans. So enjoy having a Dumb Bastard in the White House while you can, because the Mayans were right –- your world is coming to an end in 2012. -- Hey World, What A Steel Fist in a Velvet Glove Looks Like

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Mapping the Man-Crush of Chris Matthews

HT:iOtW: Your never-empty pot of comedy gold.

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"Fleetwood MacDaddy": Different but the Same


First this…

Then this…

Lifted from & Created/Discovered by A Continuous Lean.

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The Faith of the Fool: "He has faith that the lunatics in the streets everywhere will arrange themselves into the proper queues"

When it comes to Egypt and the O-Admin Cobb gets it more than all the Professional Fluffers on TV News:

"Right now what matters is what the Egyptian Army decides to do. What the Egyption ISPs decide to do. If they were partners with the American Systems Administration Force, they guys in the Pentagon would know the frequencies and codes on their communications systems and recognize their voices on the air. They could be in confident contact right now, and the Commander in Chief would be in the loop. But arrangements would require the presumptions of empire, a presumption that Barack Obama would never hold. He believes in natural law, but not that rights are the gift of the strong. And so he has faith that the lunatics in the streets everywhere will arrange themselves into the proper queues and that peace will establish itself. He's a dreamer that Obama and he and his brain dead hack Secretary of State are sleepwalking through yet another crisis, like spectators of the NFC playoffs who care more about the commercials at the Super Bowl than who wins.

"Violence never solved anything, goes the mantra. Speeches do?

"Speeches only work in the hegemony over The Slice**, and then only when the Slice is being paid with regularity. Obama doesn't have money for Egypt. He doesn't have money for anybody, and people are waking up to that reality. The only question is whether or not he has the audacity to use troops, which he doesn't. So he is essentially out of equation. America sleeps once again. Wake us when you have a new leader, Egypt. He can come to Disney World. Shake hands. Take pictures. Maybe even get a bow out of our lame duck Commander in Chief. You can play whatever song you like on the piano at the White House. We don't care. Really, we don't. -- Collapsing with the Swiftness - Cobb

[** The Slice: There are the powerful, there is the Slice, and there is the peasantry. The Slice is smaller, much smaller than the middle class. I believe it to be smaller than the upper middle class. Indeed it is a small subset of the rich and near rich. They are the people who work because they know how and because they want to, but most importantly, they enable the institutions of power. -- The Peasant Principle - Cobb]

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Sippican Cottage Regretfully Announces A BIG HONKING SALE


Sippican Cottage: "You Can Have This Bench For Free If You Give Me A Hundred Dollars

"60 percent of the time, that sales pitch works every time."

Worked on me. I bought two. Get on over to Crazy Sippican. His prices are INSANE!

Check out the inventory @ Sippican Furniture

Let's clean him out before he sobers up.

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RightNetwork to Launch Wednesday

Just as an aside this holiday Monday, I am working long days, as is everyone else on the RightNetwork team, to bring this new site, RightNetwork,online this Wednesday.

As it is with all launches we won't have everything live that we will have soon after, but it's a great team and we will have something available that you may well enjoy. And more on the way.

For now, this is how it is going behind the scenes:

Me? I think I'm the old military guy at the end. The look says it all.

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Something Wonderful: Right Network is Launching September 8, 2010

RIGHTNETWORK Yes, RightNetwork. "All that's right with the world."

Editor-in Chief? Gerard Van der Leun

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DrudgeNow: Translated

There's "text," there's "sub-text," and then there's "Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink."


White House to continue its search for a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling General Prostitute:

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What's Not to Like About
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Something Wonderful: Only "The Ordinary Sins of Ambition"
Move aside, and let the man go through.

Cobb: "Ignorance is a privilege.
It is the privilege you have when you own your own land, your own house, and you have enough Dosh to handle your business and that of your offspring. So you can ignore the rest of the world. I'm striving to be that kind of ignorant, so I don't have to fill my head with other people's news to feel at home in the world....
"I don't want to share the bonds of the bondsman, and though my conscience recognizes his predicament, I don't want to be a part of it. I want to be a freer man than my father and my son to be a perfectly free man. I want that my daughters would marry such men. Let my drama be the human drama of the ordinary sins of ambition in men of ways and means, not the acts of desperation of those migrant prisoners. A free man never becomes a suicide bomber, but he'll try for your wife all the same. The more free men we have, the better our prospects for justice." -- When You Don't Care Enough To Care - Cobb

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Weasel Watcher Winners: "What Do Heinrich Himmler and Yahoo Have in Common?"

Vultures of a feather! “To his eminence the Grand Mufti, 4 VII 1943, in remembrance H Himmler”

The Watcher @ Watcher of Weasels notes that both, though separated by time, distance, and death have sided with Palestinians against the Jews; as shown in two pieces of original research that have won this week's contest.

First in the Council category is Mere Rhetoric's deeply researched and illustrated - Yahoo Wipes “Ariel, Israel” Off The Map, Replaces It With “Jenin, Palestinian Occupied Territories”. It's an article that will make you regret you ever Yahooed:

Apparently someone has convinced Yahoo to go into their News Weather data, erase “Ariel, Israel” as a valid location, and replace it “Jenin, Palestinian Occupied Territories.” The 20,000 residents from Ariel, where the relevant weather station is built, apparently don’t deserve their own weather. Yahoo has decreed that it belongs to the residents of Jenin, which is 25 miles north and 850 feet lower.

Paired with Mere Rhetoric, is Pamela Geller's article @ Atlas Shrugs - historical investigation, From Himmler with Love: “His Eminence, the Grand Mufti, In Remembrance”.

Here the tale of two monsters gets personalized. The captured files of the German High Command in Flansburg at the war’s end reveal that the Arab riots of 1936 in Palestine were carried out by the Mufti with funds supplied by the Nazis. The report states: “Only through funds made available by Germany to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was it possible to carry out the revolt in Palestine.”
History that many have forgotten and are, as a consequence, on the verge of repeating.

In my own idiosyncratic "Best Headline" category, best in show has to go to Wolf Howling - The Three Stooges Meet Al Qaeda In Undiegate.

After Obama has had a full year in office, and after he had inherited a functioning system from the Bush administration, this is truly scandalous - not to mention incredibly dangerous for America. Call it Undiegate.

And my own "Oh, This Is Going to Be No Fun at All" category choice is J. E. Dyer's description of the grand SNAFU that will be the elimination of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, Commentary Contentions - When the Telling Starts.

The issue will be forced by lawsuit if by no other means. A 20-year veteran with combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan may not be comfortable, for example, endorsing “Gay Pride Month” or participating in scheduled military celebrations of it. He may be charged by a gay subordinate with creating a hostile work environment or ordered by a senior officer to get onboard with gay-pride celebrations. Perhaps his chain of command would back him up and force the issue to a higher level. The serious question remains: what does this have to do with warfighting readiness?

The complete listings of the awards follows:

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Morning Coffee: News and Abuse as It Happens

Via Data Underload #6 – Bed Head | FlowingData

First, who says there's no good news? 'Chemical Ali' executed in Iraq Majid was "executed by hanging until death."

Good News #2: One Biden out, one more to go: Beau Biden not running for Senate. Rats. Sinking ship. Rinse and repeat.

Drain Bamage: Your stimulus dollars sort of at work:

U.S. military veterans are sorting through a massive government archaeological collection that has been neglected for decades, with the hope of archiving the stone tools, arrows and American Indian beads that were found beneath major public works projects.... In recent weeks, U.S. veterans — many with traumatic brain injuries or post-traumatic stress disorder — have begun processing, cataloguing, digitizing and archiving the collection as part of a one-year $3.5 million project, funded with federal stimulus money.

Admit it, you want even more Obama than you got. Wait, wait! Come back! Don’t all stampede for the hills! He only gave (according to CBS News’s Mark Knoller) 158 interviews and 411 speeches in his first year. That’s more than any previous president — and maybe more than all of them put together.

Dem lawmaker: Congress could pass health reform if men were 'sent home' - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room That would be mouth-breather Rep. Carol Shea-Porter of NH.

"God willing, our raids on you will continue as long as your support for the Israelis continues," bin Laden said in the recording, which was released to the Al-Jazeera news channel. Obama to Israel: "You're on your own."

Jackpot in Las Vegas: ABOUT $2 MILLION A MONTH: More illegal immigrants getting emergency dialysis treatment at UMC

The new and regrettable blog style of writing very long and often tedious headlines merging into items via an ellipsis regrettably continues with the latest offender being the otherwise admirable and lucid law professor of the female persuasion whose initials are an A and an A.... Althouse: What to do about those science classes at Berkeley High School — where the classes that don't require science labs are full of black and Latino students... ... and it's mainly white students who get the advantage of all the money spent on all those great labs.

It's impossible to avoid the apocalypse these days. And yet, the End has never been so much fun.

Turns out the only thing cooking in the Global Warming kitchen were the books.

Wet-tail. Lileks' hamster's got it and when you google up.... then all webpages about hamster ailments should just play a midi file of Chopin’s Funeral March when they load.

"The president ...will come in with a plan -- and it will be bogus... . " Curmudgeonly & Skeptical presents Boned Jello

Sartorial advice from Howie Carr: Hey, Mr. President - the first thing you have to do is figure out where somebody hid all your ties. That Ahmadinejad look didn’t go over big here in Boston a week ago, and it certainly didn’t cut it in Elyria, Ohio, on what you must have figured was “casual Friday.” You wanted to be The Man? Well, The Man wears a tie, OK.

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January 19, 2010: Updated as Found
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Allegorical As Hell


Day by Day Cartoon by Chris Muir Why Muir is not in major syndication is beyond comprehension.

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Winners from the Watchers

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

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Winners from the Watchers


In the council category this week the top two selected were Bookworm's excellent revisiting of the intractable problem: The need for an honest, 21st century debate about abortion,

"I grew up in the feminist abortion oriented culture, and that culture shies away assiduously from focusing on the life within the woman and focuses, instead, only on the woman herself. "
and Wolf Howling's deeply impressive, documented and exhaustive National Security At The End Of Obama's First Year.
"Obama's initial strategy towards the war on terror was to deemphasize it to the point of wiping it from America's consciousness. In Orwellian fashion, one of Obama's first acts in the war on terror was to dispense with the phrase “war on terror.” "

In the non-council category, the top essays were, Rabbi Aryeh Spero's heartfelt and insightful President Obama Must Choose Sides

"Mr. Obama's first concern seems to protect things Islamic rather than name and fight the Islamism intent on destroying us. This attitude predates his presidency, and it is one of the animating and personal goals of his worldview."
and Jules Crittenden's masterful adieu to the last unlamented decade, God Damn The Naughts
"In its closing months, as if to add insult to injury, this damned decade showed, finally, how a charismatic young president’s utter lack of accomplishment, his disparagement of past sacrifice and achievement .. and worse, vain lip service to it … and even destructive behavior toward our allies can be heralded as great deeds in themselves, bestowed the world’s highest honor. It has been a bizarre display."

There were many other worthy essays too. Listed here:

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My Newest & Most Favoritist Blog is An Exercise in Futility

The resident curmudgeon @ An Exercise in Futility -- Why do I even bother? (a man after my own dark heart) describes himself as,

"an echo-boomer who specializes in deconstructing cultural lies that were handed down to all of us by a generation whose grand ideological experiment failed and consequently ruined the world I’m slated to inherit."
I'd describe him as a star-class kvetcher with a burning-down word habit. Here's a sampler:
  • How to Destroy a Liberal's Worldview"If the earth increases by an average temperature of 5 degrees, wouldn't that make more of the earth habitable because Canada and Siberia wouldn't be so cold?"(no, because the oceans would rise). "How much would the oceans have to rise to make us lose enough continental space to account for the combination of Siberia and Canada?"(No answer, because they don't know. Your goal here is just to point out how little they know about their eco religion).

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Just when you thought it was safe to not think about LGF...
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Top 10 Tumblr Items


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From Blogs to Books: Geller and Spencer Score Major Book Deal

Geller and Spencer: They're real and they're spectacular.

Questioning the Commander-in-Chief

In a quick pre-Frankfurt six-figure sale, Mitchell Ivers at Simon & Schuster/Threshold acquired world English-language rights to The Post-American Presidency by Pamela Geller, the popular Atlas Shrugs blogger, and four-time New York Times bestselling author Robert Spencer [of Jihad Watch] (The Truth About Muhammad and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam [and the Crusades]). Scott Mendel at the Mendel Media group did the deal and says the book will appeal far beyond Threshold's conservative base. Publication is expected in July 2010. -- Deals: 10/19/2009 - 10/19/2009 - Publishers Weekly

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Clip to Blog

[Bootlicking] Stage Participants Four doctors will stand on stage behind the President during his remarks. [Lab coats will be supplied.]

Proctologist-in-Chief: Surrounded by doctors, Obama pitches overhaul Oh sweet Jesus and Mary mother of God! Is there nothing that cannot be reduced to an inane photo-op? Apparently not in this diversity-drenched photo. (I especially treasure the aging hippy doctor with the ratty grey pony-tail. He's both a doctor & a lawyer so, I guess, he can go sue himself. Big Obama donor? Of course.)

"[The doctors] consider this thing a done deal, and they're jockeying for position on one of those righteous death panels. We've seen death panels before in this country, and it was a very fucking bad idea that time, too." -- Velociworld: O Death

Hard to know whether to file this under " jack or squat.". Either way, it now appears that the motto for "Health Reform" will be "Bend Over Here It Comes Again."

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August On the Right: That Was the Month That Was

Besides various email tips from readers, I track over 230 pages in all subjects from Art to War on a daily basis. The items I find interesting and/or cutting edge I post to the sideblog, "On the Right." (It was once named "Side-Lines" but that was in another country and besides the wench is dead.)

I like to think this ongoing collection of links, images, quotations, and other objects is of more than passing interest to my readers. The nature of the beast is, however, that items scroll down from the top and then off into the great always wiped-clean white board of the Web.

Because some of these items have more than a passing interest, and because, I guess, I can, I'll be posting a once a month round-up of "On the Right" here. Mainly for historic reasons, such as history is these days, but also because it seems to me to be of interest to be able to scroll backwards into recent past before it becomes history.

That said it's been a hectic month @ On the Right. Here's the long, long collection of more than 275 items I thought it worthwhile showcasing in August (It might take a bit to load, but then again it's a big load.

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Hodgepodgery: A Hodgepodge of Random Hodgepodges
Hotchpotch, Hodgepodge a confused mixture.
Examples: hotchpotch of errors, 1728; of garlic and cheese, 1591; of ideas; of many meats, 1530; of all sorts of men, 1652; of many nations, 1652; of true religion and popery, 1888; of songs, 1835; of tastes; of words, 1386.

Brad Feld of Feldthoughts wonders at the end of his hodgepodge titled A Random Hodgepodge of Daily Reading

I'€™ve always wanted to use the word hodgepodge in a title of a blog post.  I wonder if I'€™ll make the first page on Google -- there's not much competition other than some definitions and a few stores.
Well, let's see.

Here's a random Tuesday hodgepodge stacked beneath of his Sunday hodgepodge.

The Techniumaka "The Most Powerful Force in the World"

Robert Novick, Right Prince of Darkness "short, round, dark, joyfully evil: for all we knew, he could have been an alien marble that survived on puppy souls."

AdViews A Digital Archive of Vintage Television Commercials

PETA says fat people got no reason to live: Why is PETA Making Fun of Fat Women? : TreeHugger

The Spinning Head Possessed Baby Is Probably The Antichrist

"Old men should be explorers":Unbeautiful Winner: Robert Christgau on Leonard Cohen

A/V Geeks' listing of "educational films" on line. For instance: Beginning Responsibility: A Lunchroom Goes Bananas (1978)

Woman #1: "When we meet Eve, she has no name yet; her nametag just reads “The Woman.” -- Bill Blogsmith: WOMEN IN THE BIBLE 1: Eve a

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Racism, Obama & Health-Care Free Reading List


In Defense of Readers "The best readers are obstinate. They possess a nearly inexhaustible persistence that drives them to read, regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in."

From a $500 million treasure ship to an epic kegger party in Peru 4000 years ago there's a lot of Sexy News from the World of Archaeology

World's dumbest amusement park ride: Pedal-Powered Monorail in New Zealand

The Return Of Scipio envisions The Coming Dialogues Of Melos "World peace -- or even peace over a substantial part of the globe -- is a very rare thing."

Dateline: Beijing -- Internet Adds 12th Website

Will designer brains divide humanity? Why should they be any different from natural brains?

Higher than Everest: Everest revealed from above in British balloonist's breathtaking panoramic shot of world's highest peaks

Newest bogus restaurant suit: Man sues Claim Jumper, claiming condom was in his soup

Sippican Cottage sez I Finally Located A Real Good Country Song. Indicator For Genre: Everyone Involved Is Probably Dead

Lowering the Bar: Man Has Perfectly Believable Story About Why He Was Naked In a Cemetery

On advertising "Any economy which charges ever less for ever more intrusive ads will eventually be successful not in creating wealth but in driving the readers away, until the only ones left to heed the ads are all the other ads." [Found on the wonderful blog this is a working library Recommended. ]

Good news. You're immortal.Bad news. You live forever as a small clump of jelly.

Attempted Suicide-by-Cop: You just know that this ends badly. Very badly.

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Smart Bombs and Duds from Around the Web


New favorite stupid blog: Asian Poses - The Definitive Guide to Asian Poses Hours of cuteness on rails.

Summer in Seattle: "We are out in droves here, now. Pasty shut-ins, stale from some seven months cloistered festering, somehow unashamed to flash our jellied skins in social meccas like Alki, Pike Place, Shilshole Bay, and the pestilent Capitol Hill." -- The Dipso Chronicles

Okay... Great Point, Often Overlooked | Coyote Blog "While Obama and his young policy wonks may be smarter (or at least think they are smarter) than other folks individually, they cannot possibly be smarter than the sum of 300 million well educated, realtively affluent Americans making decisions for themselves." ... BUT... They don't have to be smarter than 300 million. They just have to be smarter than their base and the slobbering media. No problem.

Lede of the Day: "Paul Krugman is so adorable when he's delusional." -- The Daily Gut

News in Cuba: " it wouldn’t be written up in the papers because for thirty-five years nothing bad or disturbing has been acceptable news. Everything has to be fine. No criminals or unpleasantness can exist in a model society…"

Gilding Turds @ General Motors: Inside GM: Mystery of Crap Interiors Solved

They don't make toys like this anymore.... if a kid was walking around with a Johnny Seven these days, they would call in a SWAT team.

Great news for architecture: Frank Gehry Being Fired from Atlantic Yards Project

Getting to YES! (with mind control).50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive @ alex.moskalyuk

O don't know much about history (and O don't care). President Gets No Better Than 'PC' In History

Extraordinary Clouds and The Cloud Collector's Handbook - Telegraph....

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Grand Rounds for Readers

You can fool all of the people some of the time;
you can fool some of the people all of the time;
and that should be enough for most purposes.

-- MINIM 14

How Princes Should Keep Faith.

It is not essential, then, that a Prince should have all the good qualities which I have enumerated above, but it is most essential that he should seem to have them; I will even venture to affirm that if he has and invariably practises them all, they are hurtful, whereas the appearance of having them is useful. Thus, it is well to seem merciful, faithful, humane, religious, and upright, and also to be so; but the mind should remain so balanced that were it needful not to be so, you should be able and know how to change to the contrary.
And you are to understand that a Prince, and most of all a new Prince, cannot observe all those rules of conduct in respect whereof men are accounted good, being often forced, in order to preserve his Princedom, to act in opposition to good faith, charity, humanity, and religion. He must therefore keep his mind ready to shift as the winds and tides of Fortune turn, and, as I have already said, he ought not to quit good courses if he can help it, but should know how to follow evil courses if he must. -- Machiavelli, The Prince

krebsmaynard.jpg maynardgobama.jpg
Then & Now

Maynard G. Krebs is alive and thrives in the economic implosion. Doctor Joy Bliss relates Heard in the clinic @ Maggie's Farm Via a colleague from a patient in his 40s this afternoon:
"With my unemployment now with 23 weeks, plus the State's 12 weeks, andthe federal 18-week extension, I figure I can begin looking for a job in November. Since my wife got laid off later, she can wait until December or January. We're both burned out and need a break from work. She's been getting job offers, but there's no way she would take one now. And keeping our income down will help my youngest get a scholarship."
Maynard G. Krebs was second banana to Dobie Gillis on a TV show of the early 60s. Cast as a beatnik, Krebs had a deep aversion to work on principle. Here we see the update of the selfish years. No work because, well, they can afford it. As long as they suck on the teat of the state. And that teat is getting bigger. But lots of things can make a teat bigger... such as a tumor on the body politic.

Love's perfect losing moments: Sippican Cottage: The Fireflies Take Their Vigorish

It was a perfect moment there. The sun was just an ornament hung on the Christmas tree of my life. The reeds murmur assent; the muck beats anything a doctor could conjure. She was a flawless diamond hung on a chain of luck around the neck of a muse. I saw it, and knew, that I must lose, right there, if I was to play.
I know how he feels. If you don't, go out and get some.

Cobb updates instructions:

Instead of 'Best used if squeezed from bottom', we might have the following fine print:
The main theme of of this empowering essay on dialectic discourse is not situationism as such, but neosituationism. Therefore, if postsemiotic patriarchialist theory holds, the application of liberating anterior pressures is the subtext of choosing between prematerialist feminism and the capitalist paradigm of renewed oral reality. “Society is impossible,” says Sartre. So It could be said that Bailey would favor a Rousseauian cum-Hobbisan pan-liberation of all pressures simultaenously resulting in the most empowering externalities.
-- Cobb: Seinfeldian Observations on Indefinite Articles


You are your data and you live in a cold room in Tukwilla, Washington with, maybe, 6.5 trillion photographs. Data Center Overload by Tom Vanderbilt

After submitting to biometric hand scans in the lobby and passing through a sensor-laden multidoor man trap, Manos and I entered a bright, white room filled with librarylike rows of hulking, black racks of servers — the dedicated hardware that drives the Internet. The Tukwila data center happens to be one of the global homes of Microsoft’s Xbox Live: within those humming machines exists my imagined city of ether.

David Warren points out that the real high poetry of the moon landing

had been delivered less self-consciously, a little earlier, as the vehicle containing Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down. Paradoxically, that line gained all its poetry from being spoken, not in poetical language, but in mission jargon. It was: "Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed."
I've always thought as much myself. Not the arch and over thought "One small step..." statement, but the mission jargon ("Aldrin: 40 feet, down 2 1/2. Picking up some dust.") held the key for that long ago and now long lost moment. We'll go back, I suppose, some time. We'll go back once we shake off the compulsion to live smaller and more restrained lives. It's not for us, the life of limits. We're made for the stars, no matter how many small souls try to anchor us in the mud. We'll go back. And on.

Day by Day Cartoon by Chris Muir
Roger @ Maggie's Farm nails it down:

Men like Letterman always end up groping the help. All the Beta males do this. Look at John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Bob Packwood, Newt Gingrich... this will grow monotonous. They're lame, and know it, and so they try to get themselves in a position of power over the men they used to resent, and the women they never had a shot at. But the men are all dorks of one sort or another, and the women they never had a shot at are still out of their range. They can lord it over whatever women are handy, but eventually find that they are in the thrall of someone as defective as they are.

Surprise! Racism works!

This racialism will continue. Why? Because Obama discovered long ago than racial identification brings as many dividends as does the content of one's character or achievement. It is a force multiplier and foolishly left untapped. I fear more, not less, of this, as the tab for Obama's charge-it economy comes due at about the same time dubious players abroad conclude that serial apologies amount to a green light for adventurism. When his popularity dives, I think critics will be seen as biased and prejudicial. -Victor Hanson on David Letterman, Rev. Wright, and Thoughts on a Creepy Culture

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Drudge Done Right: Don Surber and Jules Crittenden


Don Surber

Jules Crittenden

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Blogrolling in Our Time -or- 6 Reasons to Read "Jaded Heaven"

First, because you get to ponder this mysterious banner graphic, which never seems to get old, on a daily basis.

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If You Don't Know About 4-Block World, You Should

Short, sharp and to the point. That's what Tom McMahon's up to at 4-Block World: Chuckles and Angst.


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Today's Question:

What's Black & White and Red all over?

A comment @ neo-neocon's For anyone who still thinks Obama is a centrist

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Why I Always Check Exurban League Daily

The President meets with the Democratic Blue Dog coalition in the State Dining Room of the White House.
-- Exurban League: The Last Supper.

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Plan Moldberg

illuminati-dollar2.jpgMENCIUS MOLDBUG has a plan.

"What we're starting to notice is that it's much more difficult to think outside the box than in it. When we were in the box, we had these authorities we trusted - the Times, Harvard, National Public Radio. If someone asked us about X, our answer was: what does Harvard say about X?...."

What we call a "recession" is a gap between what consumers, with their 2009 brokerage statements, want to consume, and what producers, who did not expect the asset price collapse, planned to produce. These numbers must be equal. The obvious way for them to converge is for the productive economy to reduce capacity - close factories, lay off employees, etc. As Andrew Mellon put it: "Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmers, liquidate real estate.".... I think liquidation is an error.

Okay, here's what we're gonna do....
Step zero: call up Larry and Sergei, and get them to lend USG a few hundred of Google's best coders. We'll need them to write our new financial system....

Step one: nationalize all market-priced financial assets at the present market price, exchanging them for new dollars....

Step two: triple each of these dollars....

Step three: calculate the expected shortfall in future entitlements (Medicare and Social Security), and print new dollars to fill the gap....

Step four: auction all the financial assets previously nationalized - corporations, real estate, etc....

Step five: renumber the currency. Every dollar in the world (perhaps about 200T) has a new serial number - from 0 to 200T) ....

Think this is a crazy plan? Take the time to read it and then think again. But don't ask what Harvard says about it. Harvard is part of what got us here in the first place. The plan for Harvard is to place the faculty, the administration and selected alumni from the Law and Business schools inside Memorial Hall and then implode the building.

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Got Home for Christmas by Air? You've Got No Complaints.


Here's what the commercial jet pilots (the good ones) were doing while you were bitching in the terminal.

Flight Level 390: Ice World, Part One...

Position: Underneath the Electric Jet, KJFK (Kennedy)...
Outside Air Temperature: None
Windspeed and direction: 290 degrees at 28 gusting to 42 knots
Precip: Blowing snow

I am underneath Fi-Fi's belly with flashlight in right hand; left hand in pocket of leather flying jacket. It is surrealistic out here tonight. It reminds me of a movie scene in Alien, where Dallas, Kane, and Lambert descended the Nostromo's crew elevator down to the surface of LV-426. Back to planet Earth, it is unbelievably cold, with howling winds from the northwest. My face is burning, soon to be numb. The snow is stinging my eyes as I try to keep them open, following my flashlight beam, searching for the hydraulic leak, missing piece of aluminum, or shredded tire. Whatever is wrong, if there is anything wrong, this would be the time to overlook it... Got to be careful, even if it freezes my face. Oh well, the pain will go away in a few more seconds.

This from Dave @ Flight 390: America from the Flight Deck, the best blog by a professional airline pilot on the net. If it is not in your bookmarks, it should be.

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You Want a Culture War? You've Got One.
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The Floating World

A selection of images from the invaluable Shorpy :: History in HD | Hi-Res Historical Photos

A woman floating in the water at Weeki Wachee Spring, Florida, 1947 Lady in the Water: 1947 by Toni Frissell

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What The Essayists Are Saying

"Culture being a pursuit of our total perfection
by means of getting to know,
on all the matters which most concern us,
the best which has been thought and said..."

- Matthew Arnold: Culture and Anarchy

I track about 220 blogs on a regular basis. Among these are 25 sites that I categorize as "The Essayists;" bloggers working in the long form. From time to time, I'll be doing a compilation of links to recent essays on these sites.


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Blogging: The Instructions
pie.jpg How To Blog. Lesson One: There Is No Lesson Two Advice from a master craftsman @ Sippican Cottage.
  • Unsubstantiated rumor. Epithet hurled at people who mildly disagree with you. Specious argument. Disregard for manners. Balogna. Baloney.
  • Now insert cut-and-paste research to bolster crabby worldview cadged from monomaniac manipulators, if plain fibbing is unavailable. Charts are best.

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Touching Tender Parts

The Modern Way of War:

"When the bad people scare us or hurt us, we have to whack them. This is hard, because you want to try and whack the bad people where they live and not where we live. Naturally, the bad people don't want to get whacked, and they feel pretty smug because we aren't mean enough to whack all of them at once. So we have to go over to where they live and whack them carefully." -- The Belmont Club: How to understand war

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Brain Jazz: Great Performances of the Blogsphere, 1

brainjazz2-thumb.jpgI follow more than 360 different blogs and websites on a daily basis (Curse you, Google Reader!). As a result I -- at the least -- scan many prominent writers and find much to admire as well as more that is predictably pedestrian. It would be the same if I was flipping through 360+ daily magazines.

Every so often, one writer that I follow finds "the flow," gets "on a roll," and simply dazzles you. These writers go from being merely interesting to something more. At the moment, I'm noting a stunning series of posts by Robert Godwin at One Cosmos.

For the past week, Godwin has been reading from, arguing with, and augmenting a book. In this case it is God and Gold: Britain, America, and the Making of the Modern World by Walter Russell Mead. Mead's a protean thinker and engaging writer. I've previously enjoyed and been challenged by his book, Power, Terror, Peace, and War: America's Grand Strategy in a World at Risk.

Godwin's meditations and riffs on Mead certainly made me hit the one-click "buy" button at Amazon. That's pretty much a foregone conclusion. The interest and fascination in his series of posts, however, does not arise from a straight review of Mead's book, but from Godwin's palpable interaction with Mead's mind that create his own idiosyncratic riffs of what Godwin is, is not, and might have been saying.

The result of the series is summed up best by a phenomenon that I've noted before that takes place only on the web: BRAIN JAZZ .

Here's a few cuts from Godwin's long serenade in several parts. You might want to spend the time and brain-listen to the whole thing.

I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night

There are three primary dreams in competition for who will Dream history 1) American classical liberalism (i.e., conservatism), 2) European statist secular leftism (including its American variety), and 3) Islamism. The world is not big enough for all of these dreams, and yet, only one of these dreams is big enough for the world.

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If you're not reading Morgan Freeberg's....

House of Eratosthenes, you should be.

The 2nd Most Important Issue

The issue that faces us next year, right behind that whole dead-terrorist-bodies thing, is whether the donks benefit from a frayed, fragile, threadbare tethering to reality or whether that tethering has snapped altogether. The donks are pretty emphatic that the real issue is whether or not the current President is a dumbass, which seems to me a peripheral article of history at best. We disagree; should we debate the question, it would be a pretty quick debate but it might get a little messy, gentle as I would try to be. It's the facts, you see; they are not on their side. Next year, they are running — the "moron" is not. That's just the way things are. We don't get to vote on George Bush's intellect or lack thereof — we are obliged to vote on the sanity of the donks, or lack thereof.

Things I Know

222. People who tolerate evil, because of their hidden agendas, fear of consequences or retribution, knowledge of their limitations, laziness, whatever, want everyone else to tolerate it as well. Being allowed to make up their own minds, to opt out of any movement to oppose the evil, to be left alone while braver men confront what they will not, never seems to be enough for them. Always, or nearly always, there is this passion to stop others from doing what they lack the courage to do. They talk about this passion and the resulting frustration a great deal. But they won't explain it. I wish they would.

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The New Essayists: A Selection

ESSAY_TEST_COVER2_400PX2.jpgEssay. From the French essayer, 'to try' or 'to attempt'. I love them more than any other literary form because they are "So various, so beautiful, so new." And, like the poem from which that line is drawn, often contain the opposite of what one thought one should think. In a way this is in the essay's DNA spiraling down from Montaigne. Montaigne's method was to ask, "What do I know?" -- with the emphasis on "I." In many, many words over the course of long years he struggled to answer the essayist's eternal question: How do I know what I think until I see what I say?

In deriving that answer, Montaigne is still the standard and his work has proved impossible to surpass on an extended basis. To hold a record for more than 400 years is, you will have to agree, a singular achievement.

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Time to play....

... wherein we discover that, yes, the world gets dumber one day at a time.

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In Shades, Top Row, Center

Together at last!
Move over, Glenn Reynolds.

I LIKE IT BECAUSE I'M IN IT: Blogs with a Face

See if you can find your favorite blogger.... or even yourself.

Now, if I could just get moved over next to Michelle....

UPDATE: Ah, the Power of the Net! I'm there and Blogs with a Face has grown. Almost 150 faces, with links to their sites, and some reflections about mothers too.

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Robert Fulghum Joins the 'Sphere


ROBERT FULGHUM, AUTHOR OF THE CLASSIC BESTSELLER "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" is the latest major American writer to join the blogosphere. His page is new today at Robert Fulghum.

Lots of short and long and thoughtful items from this author. Check it out.

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Must See NetTV

Ask A Ninja Explains Net Neutrality. "That's what the Internet is all about. People in funny hats making things that people like."

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On the Job

Again, sorry to be a bit distracted but I've been in LA for a week working on a new web project for Pajamas Media, and also working with my fellow editors @ Pajamas on extensive reporting such as this: WAR

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Instapundit Milestone?

If you take a look at this link at May 1st post @ there's more to it than meets the eye.

The item, in its entirety, reads:
"IN BUSINESS WEEK, a rather skeptical look at ethanol as an alternative fuel."
but the raw link address reads:


I make that post # 30,000 by the internal counter at Instapundit.

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Midtown Manhattan Madness: Launching the Yahoo of Blogs

Roger Simon Launching OSM: "Okay, break's over. Everybody back in their Pajamas."

They came from the hills and mountains, the valleys and the plains.
Some were kind and gentle, and some too wild to tame.
A string of fearless hearts, on an endless ball of twine.
It's the same old train, it's just a different time

-- Marty Stuart, Same Old Train

ROGER SIMON is looking hatted, happy and haggard as we stand on the edge of a crowd that is, in its variations, the most unlikely looking group of people that the revoltingly trendy W Hotel in midtown Manhattan has ever hosted. Downstairs in the lobby with the pile-driving rap soundtrack and $12 drinks, the Pradas and Manolos are piling up on the ever-so-modern and ever-so-uncomfortable sofas, as the Roofies are being fondled in the pockets of sharp-dressed men with black town cars on call. Up here, in our alternate universe, the blogging crowd comes in all sizes and shapes with wardrobes that run the gamut from t-shirts and baggy denims to bespoke suits with pocket squares with custom folds.

"Just look at them," Simon says with the weary tone of man who has accomplished something very difficult and ever so slightly insane. "Just imagine how smart they all are. Just imagine the overwhelming intelligence of this group."

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Fear of Instalinking

TIME OUT FOR A LITTLE INSIDE BASEBALL on why this blogging medium is becoming inbred faster than the Snokes siblings up in Skunk Hollow.

While scanning, and I do mean "scanning," the comments to Jeff Goldstein's Why Rhetoric Matters @ protein wisdom, I happened on this very telling exchange:

I sent the link along with the story to Instapundit, but he evidently didn't think it was as important as you and I. Or maybe he did and just hasn't gotten to it....
Posted by Jeff Goldstein on 07/24 at 02:43 PM

I sent the link along with the story to Instapundit, but he evidently didn't think it was as important as you and I.

Uh, Jeff? I came here off an Instapundit link to the story....
Posted by Richard R on 07/24 at 03:25 PM

You've been Instalanched, so I guess Glenn agrees.
Posted by TallDave

This bit of blogger hope, despair and redemption illustrates the axiom, "If you're not the lead sled dog the view is always the same." It also illustrates the tendency of a new medium to become what it beholds -- the old media.

For quite some time now it has been glaringly obvious that, with few exceptions, blogs gargantuan and teeny-weeny are in fact a collection of footnotes and corrections tag-teamed onto print, radio, television and other blogs. The main roles that most blogs play are to act as pointers to the stories-du-jour thrown up by mass media, or a hacking or fine honed carping at the prime-time players.

In this posture blogging underscores daily that it is not yet ready for the prime-time itself. In the main, this has to do with 4 factors: 1) The extreme youth of the medium measured against the other three; 2) The extent of blogs penetration of the mass market which is, to say the least, scant at best; 3) The sheer weight of millions of

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New York Times Picks Up Borders CEO Letter


Click to enlarge.

Covering the web-wide kerfuffle and building blogger-led boycott of Borders since our publication of the Borders CEO's personal letter to leading bloggers yesterday (See item directly below this one.) the opening text reads:

Borders Blasts Back On Controversial Cartoons
Published: March 31, 2006

Filed at 11:59 p.m. ETNew York, Mar. 31 - Gregory Josefowicz, the combative chairman of Borders Books, blasted back at his on-line critics today in a scathing on-line letter singling out right-wing blogger Charles Johnson of "Little Green Footballs".

FULL STORE AT: Borders Blasts Back On Controversial Cartoons

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Bullet Points

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It Was Only A Matter of Time....
John Paul II is currently alive and Pope.

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This Just In


There are days when I have absolutely no patience with our coddled, neurasthenic, infantile society, and this is one of them. I am tired of people complaining that the administration isn't acting in perfect concord with the thoughts of ten thousand people writing on the internet. I am getting tired of people complaining that the administration isn't "doing enough" for the troops, for the people, for our safety, to "explain" the war to "the people" who are apparently all deaf, dumb, and blind, and then when someone in our hapless, human government comes up with something, yells in horror: "Oh no, not that way!" And doing this all on their own personal blog which let me tell you right now is not read by Donald Rumsfeld or Condi Rice or George W. Bush because quite frankly they are too goddamn busy trying to keep a future administration several years down the line from turning half the planet into radioactive glass because our lazy asses thought that fighting a smaller, more difficult war with conventional methods like soldiers and guns was "too hard" and "our kids over there kept getting killed" and "it made us uncomfortable."
HT via bitter sanity

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Blog Road

BEYOND MUSLIM CARTOON REALITY: The Jawa Report: Exclusive: Prisoner Abuse Photos from Iraq that MSM Won't Show You Warning: Very Graphic and Very Real.

LIGHT FUSE. THROW IN TOILET. Yet Another Democratic Scandal for the Ages Goes "Hsssst!" The Senate Intelligence Committee decided today not to investigate President Bush's domestic surveillance program, at least for the time being. Oh well, I guess its back to "All Abu Ghraib All the Time," with a side of Dick Cheney's Lawyer Slaw. Continued...
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Blogs of Wonder and Delight

From growabrain

There is so much to be aggravated at around the Web, I have to remind myself, from time to time, that surfing should also be a good time, a pleasure. To do this, I make sure to keep a selection of great sites that always deliver something of value and/or entertainment in my toolbar.

Here's five "Toolbar Favorites" that, if you don't know about them already, you should.

43 Folders is an outgrowth -- and now perhaps the leading site -- of the GTD cult.

If you don't know what that is, you should. At any rate the site is supposedly "all about productivity" and contains numerous pointers and aids in that regard. But it is also delightfully idiosyncratic and its host has an engaging voice and an admirable intensity about his subject.

43 Folders is rather Mac-centric, but not to the exclusion of the PC realm thanks to the commenters. Suffice it to say, I click to this site every day and am disappointed when there's nothing new. Always a good sign. Go there and get your "Hipster PDA" on. I did. Now, if I could only remember to carry it and use it.

Hanan Levin's growabrain is one of those amazing "How does he do it?" pages that not only has one new thing a day, but many things. growabrain is a vast potpourri of subjects, objects and predicates. Funny, serious, thought-provoking and, at times, jaw-dropping links.All stack up in nice little crispy Napoleons of links.

Levin's email sig reads:

Hanan Levin ""The Champion Company" Real estate and Blogging . Tel. 951-682-6826 "Over 400 properties Sold since 2/11/00" "Over 700,000 visitors on since 4/19/03 "
Which tells you everything you need to know about his priorities. When housing prices come down in SoCal, I'm visiting his office. If they don't come down I'll continue to visit growabrain.

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Seven Up
  • England's New Scientist takes a look at the ramifications of the US Election 2004 and is generally ticked off that somehow the United States is not measuring up. Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown. But all in all, this selection of articles underlines how essential to the world the United States is, whether they like it or not. New Scientist tends not to like it. After all, just look at stem cells, will you? Please.

  • For those guys that can't resist a sharp quiz, we recommend the dubious Cooking to Hook Up: The Bachelor's Date-Night Cookbook, which will tell you what kind of girl you are. I took it and, no, I'm not telling. If you're smart neither will you.


  • But should you decide to confess, is into Self Publishing in a big way and will make it cheap and easy for you to get your salacious little gender-bending memoirs out there for a waiting world. And in that case, guys, we will all know just what kind of girl you are.

  • And if, after taking the test and writing the book, you are still in a state of confusion, the scholarly study "The influence of sexual orientation on vowel production" will set you straight. Or not. Could this article be "The Bell Curve" for gays and lesbians. That depends on the orientation of the people making the study and that's not out yet.

  • Moving right along, thank God, we direct you to the latest manifestation of Cassini's work in the outer reaches of the Solar System. Pictures of the South Pole... of Saturn.

  • Back on Earth and matters much more mundane here's a meditation on When Email Attacks .

  • And finally, if you've been patient enough to bear with me through all that, something truly remarkable: "This Wonderful Life." No, not that movie, but another, much shorter, and completly computer-generated short film that packs an amazing range of human emotion into what are really, at bottom, just bits and bytes. In the future, this is going to be how a lot of movies are made. And made well. See if you don't agree.

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Hey, it's news to me:

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$10 Million Score for MovableType
Six Apart, known for its award-winning and innovative software used by webloggers around the world, announced today that it has received $10 million in Series B funding from August Capital. In addition, the company announced that August Capital partners David F. Marquardt, a member of the board of directors of Microsoft and Seagate Technologies, and David M. Hornik, a member of the board of directors of PayCycle and Nomis, have joined Six Apart's board of directors. Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

....In addition, the company has added depth to its management team, established Japanese and European subsidiaries, signed licensing agreements with systems integrator Hitachi, telecommunications leader NTT and ISP NIFTY and established a partnership with mobile leader Nokia. The company said the funds will be used for continued product development, international expansion, increased customer support and sales and marketing initiatives.

....August Capital joins Neoteny as an investor in Six Apart. Neoteny,[Joi Ito] a Japanese venture capital firm focused on the rapidly expanding realm of the networked computer, led the company's Series A round.

-- Six Apart Press Release

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Best of the Web Turns Four

JAMES TARANTO'S BRILLIANT Best of the Web Today is four years old, bloodied but unbowed, and still,in so many ways, the Best of the Web itself.

"Raise a glass in our honor as we pass the 25th-of-a-century mark: Today is the fourth anniversary of this Web site and this column. Ted Kennedy acknowledged the milestone in his Democratic National Convention speech last night: "The only thing we have to fear is four more years."

Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.

Now, that's entertainment.

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Let's Play 'Whack-A-Wonkette' @ Michelle's


NO "BLOODER" , MICHELLE MALKIN, but a precious living treasure of the blogsphere. If she's not on you daily scan, she should be. Exhibits 1, 2, 3... this long and worthwhile speech given to the "Clare Booth Luce Policy Institutes Conservative Leadership Seminar":


Much of my reporting and writing is focused on national security and immigration enforcement. But I also write about cultural issues and this afternoon, I want to address the need for a different kind of "homeland defense." As the mother of a 4 year old girl and an 8 month old boy, I am increasingly dismayed by the liberal assault on decency, the normalization of promiscuity, and the mainstream media's role as shameless collaborators.

And that's just stating her premise. Elsewhere, she trains her sights on the excrable "Wonkette:"
Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox, nabbed appearances on CNN and FOX, and signed on to an MTV reporting gig during which shell cover the Democratic National Convention this week. I guess the lesson is that if you are a young professional woman in Washington, the key to success lies with Lesbian Chic.

Im sick of the skankettes and their pimps in my business and Im not alone....

Quoting more would just spoil it for you.

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"To help us create a "better online experience" for our visitors we require certain types of users to register. "If you are an employee, partner, affiliate or legal representative of any site which enforces compulsory user registration than we require you to complete our registration process. It costs nothing to register and will only take a moment." -- Registration -

Well, what are you waiting for. Fill it out.

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The "Higher Beings" on Schiavo

HERE'S HOW THE TOP 10 ["HIGHER BEING"] BLOGS of The Truth Laid Bear's Blogosphere Ecosystem stand on the Terri Schiavo issue today. Posted in order of ranking.

Posted by Vanderleun at Mar 22, 2004 4:09 PM |  Comments (8)  | QuickLink: Permalink
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