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Hitler: "I had to make up my own jokes, not get them off the internet!"

Donald Sensing @ Sense of Events shoots and scores with Hitler hates cussing.

Make sure you have captions turned on by clicking the small up-arrow in the far lower right of the Youtube box and clicking on "CC." And wait for the penultimate line, it kills.

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"A Moment for the History Books:" 10 Seconds of Video You Won't Regret Watching

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The Empire, Like the Universe, Expands

[see site for large version]

That last bastion of Grouchoism-Lennonism, The Politburo Diktat has published the retro-definitive Empire of the Blogs map:

In the pre-Marxist era, corrupt aristocrats, bloodsuckers of the people, dominated Central Europe. Not content to oppress the people individually, they joined together, to form a Blogging Empire.
The unusual suspects are revealed. I am pleased to note that my undisclosed location remains undisclosed.

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