October 9, 2003

The Souring Grapes of Wrath

This is why a majority of California voters are fed-up with traditional politics in the state. Plucked fresh from a site called Lisa Rein's Radar, we have the left's bitter politics of spite and recrimination in one slogging paragraph:

Well guys, we tried hard, but we were outnumbered by the sheep. However, it's not over. If I understand correctly from the little birdies I know, the next step is Recalling Arnold. People will start collecting signatures soon so keep an eye out. This isn't over yet. We won't just hand our state's future over without a fight. It may seem a little silly to go around and around like this, but they started it. In the mean time, try to keep your spirits up. At least Prop 54 didn't pass! I've got to go to a meeting this morning... [On Lisa Rein's Radar]

Note the tone of the embattled, defeated, but unbowed "good person" who has fought the "good fight." Note equally the scorn she has for the citizens of California, "the sheep." This is the kind of stuff you usually see in films about the inside secrets of some socialist/fascist regime where the brainwashed comrade Klara is reporting on her failures to the commissar but promising more ruthless tactics in the future until the People's Paradise is a reality.

Nowhere is there a smidgen of understanding that, in a democracy, and especially in an election whose turnout was far beyond expectations, the people (those dastardly sheep) really get to make the decision. It would seem Ms. Rein probably cut that class in Government to get out on the picket lines where the action was.

Then we have the snivel about 'little birdies' planning to get out and shove a Recall Arnold down everybody's throats. All I can say is, hey, make our day. It's not going to happen, but if it distracts fascists such as Rein from making mischief elsewhere, I'm for it.

And finally, Rein notes that she and her friends are not going to "hand our state's future over without a fight. " Again, she misses the fact that it really isn't the state of her and her friends. It is our state. All of us. That's the deal and that's going to stay the deal.

That meeting Lisa Rein alludes to? It's "at my local elementary school, where I'll be starting soon as an SF School Volunteer."

They'll probably have her teaching Civics. Posted by Vanderleun at October 9, 2003 4:34 PM

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Baa Baa

Posted by: Kurt at October 9, 2003 7:42 PM

Fine character assassination on someone you've never met, probably never will meet, and care less about. Shall I do one on you?

Posted by: anon.com at October 10, 2003 12:50 AM

I wouldn't be so sure we've never met, anon. And fine, you can work one on me, but have the intestinal fortitude to sign it, okay.

Unless, of course, you were christened Anon Anoncom.

Posted by: Van der Leun at October 10, 2003 9:40 AM