May 3, 2004

Take This Blog and Shove It

JESSE TAYLOR has found a way to make money from blogging -- Jerry Springer. Now, we'd never want to break anybody's rice bowl when it came to blogging, but I wonder if this is a great career move. After all, the young Taylor was once thought of as an intelligent, discerning, and articulate fellow, but in his very first post toJerry Springer for Ohio :: A Hello To Everyone we find him tugging the forelock and quaffing the Kool-Aid a wee bit too agressively:

Jerry's speech was short, but he's a very good communicator even in that short period of time.  The speech revolved around two ideas:

Okay, let's have them. The first was that low and middle-income people need to vote.  Registration simply isn't enough if you don't get out and do something each November.  Most people spend more time channel-surfing each week than they do voting each year.
Really? Who knew? Since an evening of TV watching usually involves about an hour of channel surfing, it is hard to see how anybody could put in seven hours a year voting even if they held elections month.
 The second part was an observation that's remarkably true, yet is rarely, if ever voiced - and when it is, it always comes under the red-herring rubric of "class warfare".  When you're rich, the rules are structured in your favor.  If you're a low or middle-income American, the only way that you can tilt the rules back towards anything resembling fairness is to participate in the process, and to  let elected representatives know that not listening to your needs comes at a price.  
Forehead slap for me. Yes, it NEVER occurs to Americans that the rich get handled differently from the rest of us. And we have never for one second thought that you need to participate in a democracy to influence it. Thank God we have the gigantic brains of Jerry Springer and his new web-boffin Taylor to tell us these things.

Posted by Vanderleun at May 3, 2004 7:22 AM
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