July 11, 2004

Just Draw the Lines, Look at the Picture, and STFU About the Process, Okay?

WHEN, EXACTLY, DID EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND WOMBAT in the national media decide to reference this simpleminded children's game when writing or reporting on complex issues? I'm not sure, but they need to stop it right now. (That includes bloggers and new media mavens too!) Don't make us issue sanctions with extreme prejudice! Just CUT IT OUT!

A recent, small small sample, from Google News:

Connect the dots when you watch -- Fahrenheit 911

Connect the dots to see big picture

CD's Connect the Dots... Tickets to the Game

Women Don t Connect the Dots on Heart Attack Symptoms

Connect the dots on prison scandal

Connect the Dots Between Iraq and America Through Halliburton

Connect the dots? Don't even try

Connect the Dots... Rite of Passage

Prosecution yet to connect the dots

The 9/11 Commission Fails to Connect the Terror Dots

The dots that don't connect


Posted by Vanderleun at July 11, 2004 11:21 AM
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