July 15, 2003

Chron Media Critic Out of Touch with Media

Being a TV critic for a third-rate metropolitan newspaper does not exactly call for the intellect of Superman. San Francisco Chronicle "critic" Tim Goodman demonstrates this today in PBS, CNN not so artful as dodgers. We'll let the truly dreadful play on the Dickensian reference slide as a bit of the eternal English major making a guest appearance in Goodman's psyche, but when we read

"CNN appeals to the journalist in most of us as the channel battles Fox News, which has done a wonderful job of convincing non-journalists that it is unbiased while fooling almost no one who actually gets a paycheck in this profession."
...our teeth burst into flame once again.

Here's the news, Tim, so listen up.

There is no LARGE DROOLING CLASS OF NON-JOURNALISTS (pesky creatures) tuning in Fox and being flummoxed into believing that the network HAS NO BIAS. The overwhelming majority of viewers know innately that there is a HUGE BIAS at Fox News. Indeed, that FOX is biased is a surprise to absolutely nobody with a native intelligence north of a planaria - with the possible exception of a cadre of "professional journalists" who JUST DON'T GET IT. What don't they get? They don't get that people watch FOX because they like the bias that FOX has!

In addition, they do NOT like the bias that CNN has.

The short form: FOX SI! CNN NO!

Got it? Good. Tune in my son and blather no more.

Posted by Vanderleun at July 15, 2003 4:23 PM
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