April 2, 2008

"Paper, Plastic or Punishment?" Seattle Green Suckers Must Pay More!

Seattle Democrat Mayor Greg Nickels continues diming the city to death with 'creative fees' AKA new taxes. This one's going to be slapped on your grocery bags:

Seattle could ban foam food boxes

Seattle would ban foam food containers and impose a 20-cent fee on both paper and plastic grocery bags under a first-of-its kind proposal announced Wednesday morning.

Restaurants would later be prohibited from using plastic containers unless they can be recycled or composted, under the plan to be unveiled by City Council President Richard Conlin and Mayor Greg Nickels.

The ban is actually aimed at "plastic" bags since they are the one's that offend the green sensibility the most. It includes paper bags because, well, they kill trees, don't they? The greeniacs of Seattle are already salivating at the chance to pay more to the city. In the meantime, outside my window a crack city team of "workers" has been slaving away for the last five hours -- with a 90 minute break for rest -- to replace one telephone pole. They'll be done sometime... today, tomorrow, who cares, as long as those plastic bags cost a bit more.

As a local radio host asked today, "How long do you think the 20 cents will stay 20 cents?" Well, not long because you'll be paying sales tax on the 20 cents you spent for the bag, or bags.

It seems to me that Nickels is missing an opportunity in not charging a fee for all those little plastic sacks you put your vegetables in before they go in the plastic sacks. But then again, that's next.

The real question Nickels is putting before the colonized minds of Seattleites is, "Just how big a merde sandwich will you suckers eat before you choke on it?"

Pretty thick, it seems to me.

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Posted by Vanderleun at April 2, 2008 3:16 PM | TrackBack
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I can do you one better. Here in San Francisco, it takes SEVEN guys to paint a white line on a road that has been repaved.

One to wave a little flag in front of a truck that is moving at 3 mph. One to drive the truck. One to sit in the cab on the passenger side doing nothing. One to throw sand on the road. One to actually press a single button to release white-line paint. And TWO more to walk behind the truck to throw more sand and wave little flags so we don't run over them all. SEVEN guys, at an average salary of $70,000 per year...for what?

SF also has a tax on plastic bags. Since I moved to the burbs, I don't care, but I still work in SF. Consequently, I don't buy anything there.

Run...RUN away from liberalworld as fast as you can.

Posted by: Scott at April 2, 2008 5:13 PM

Gee, isn't it great. All those Seattle libs won't have to travel to Europe anymore. Greenpeace Greg is determined to turn it into Sweden west.

Eventually Seattle will become like New York City under David Dinkuns. Broke and a dangerous place to live. The question is, will Seattle ever elect a man like Giuliani to save the place?

Posted by: Jimmy J. at April 2, 2008 8:58 PM

Mayor Nickels is an ass; his head is nothing but a politically correct block of government cheese. Around the corner from our house this afternoon a man was shot in the head and killed; two men, suspects, walked off; they are being searched for now. But try this: enter "south Seattle killing" into a google search. You will come up with about one killing per month over the period of Nickels mayorship, which has concerned itself with global warming, its own human rights office and plastic grocery bags; anything but boring old civil safety.

Oh, and speaking of our great national dialogue on race - within minutes of the killing everyone in the neighborhood knew the victim and the two fleeing suspects were black - of course, the Seattle Times and the TV stations - liberal twits alll - leave that part of the story blank: nada, nothing. To even notice race is to be a racist these days. Two murder suspects observed fleeing the scene and we locals don't even rate the barest description of them. By chance I took the kids skating today out at Highland in Shorline. Otherwise, by my calculation, I would have been crossing paths with the murder suspects taking the kids to Brighton park across the street.

Back from skating, I wandered over to the yellow crime scene ribbon and stood by the KIRO 7 camera crew; they were talking about the new Rolling Stones movie coming out this weekend...

Posted by: Das at April 2, 2008 9:01 PM

One wonders what that would make the tax rate on those plastic bags? How much could those bags possibly cost? 5 cents each? And then a 20 cent tax on that? If it was me, I would just load the groceries back in the cart sans sacks, wheel them out to the car and put them in cardboard boxes, like the old days. Besides, those plastic bags are terrible. They don't hold their shape and you literally end up piling your groceries in the car.

Posted by: feeblemind at April 4, 2008 7:57 AM

Today I took an old purse that I know I was saving for some purpose and cut out elbow patches for my wool sweater. There is so much we can do to reduce wastes in our communities if we just use our heads and hearts. What do you do to reduce wastes in your life? People Power Granny challenges you to keep up with me in reducing wastes while increasing recycling. Mother Earth depends on us, and so do our grand kids. Share what you're doing?

Posted by: People Power Granny at April 7, 2008 7:56 PM
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