December 1, 2007

New Republic Editor Twists Slowly in His Own Wind

Franklin Foer's plea of "Guilty... but with an explanation" for the New Republic's Fictional soldier's stories is at Fog of War.

There will be a tsunami of comment on this all over the sphere. This is just an early warning signal.

You can play "follow the flamers" at Memeorandum where the dog pile is only just getting started.

Kudos to Foer, however, for being cynical and frightened enough to publish this into the Saturday news hole. The advent of global thermonuclear war before Monday just might save his phony baloney job.

UPDATE: Allah notes "I just noticed that the post date is December 10 and that the story isn’t linked on TNR’s front page." Hint. Clip it now because it might disappear or be revised. I just did.

UPDATE: The most complete flensing of the Foer is currently being done by Allah and Bryan at Hot Air.

newrelectionguide.jpgUPDATE: More comedy from Franklin Foer and The New Republic. Glenn Reynolds points to the release of Election 2008: A Voter's Guide (A New Republic Book) by Franklin Foer and his rollicking sidekicks. The Amazon link features this brilliant review by John Spettell :

In this revealing, behind the scenes look at the 2008 presidential campaign, the peerless journalists of TNR uncover - via unsubstantiated, anonymous sources of course - Republican presidential candidates committing multiple atrocities and war crimes while in the field. In Iowa, Fred Thomson and his good ol' boy colleagues mock disfigured WAC WWII vetrans while visiting a VA hospital; Rudolph Giuliani - with the aid of 9/11 rescue workers - excavates a cemetery of undocumented alien victims of the Minutemen and cavorts through New Hampshire will wearing a skull fragment over his bald spot. Finally, Mitt Romney in his fervent search for the golden plates, careens through South Carolina in a Bradley fighting vehicle clad only in his sacred underwear, recklessly luring Log Cabin Republicans within range of the Brad's tracks, and with a deftness not to be found in tracked fighting vehicles, severs them in half and leaves their writhing parts twitching in the waist-deep sewage

Posted by Vanderleun at December 1, 2007 1:26 PM
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