April 28, 2014

Being Nice by Scott M

This is the model for today. You and I should play by the rules UNTIL the people trying to enslave us demonstrate they will not play by any rules. THEN we stop and deliver justice and win. I'm not saying it is time for violence. I don't think it is. In fact, right now, resorting to violence is the worst possible action we can take. But I am begging all of the nice people that dream about how things were back in Mayberry, stop playing by Mayberry Rules when we are faced with officials and supporters that will not limit their actions against us by any rule other than "just win baby."

Being nice isn't nice. It's sacrificing nice people to evil people. The sooner we break out of this preemptive resignation to future defeats the more good we will save in the system and the less harm will be done to the system. Choosing to play nice or waiting for future outrages before we start implementing "direct action" like showing up in large numbers at people's offices and homes and flooding hearing rooms, etc is letting the people that "shoot at helpless people in parachutes" return to base, reload, and come back to shoot more people in parachutes.

There is no nice path forward. There is no magic candidate around, or possible, that can fix things who won't require more conflict. Our situation is one that will either become a Leftist Tyranny or will demand civil strife and drive the Leftists out or underground. If you think smart people can find some other alternative you are choosing to be the weak link in the chain and you put the rest of us at risk. You have no right to throw the rest of us away simply because you want to believe in a fantasy.

The Left will come after you and the other nice people just as they will persecute anyone they see as a threat. The Left will lie about their enemy and nice people on our side will stand aside and watch the target destroyed simply because the target may/may not be in violation of some Mayberry Code of Conduct. You can just as easily be isolated, slandered, and destroyed. The facts won't protect you. Only group resistance will save you.

You must choose fighters and accept the fight so that one day we can return to Mayberry Rules. Stop choosing grey men who seem comfortable, but fail to change the system. The Left is brittle and a little mass resistance will go a long way. But, don't fool yourself, without active resistance there will be no change. This habit of retreating from The Left will ruin us all, you included. Putting off this fight only increases the numbers of us that must fight and the destruction from that fight.

I propose we strongly urge state legislators to support Mark Levin's Article 5 Convention of the States. We elect only people with a history of fighting, not working within the system. And we tie up elected official's offices with phone calls, emails, office visits such that regular business comes to a halt. The system isn't going to change itself and the usual suspects will not upset the system. Pick a fighter, not a comfortable dinner guest.

The greatest Generation had to go to war to save the world. We are only being asked to visit offices, makes some phone calls, donate some money, and keep doing it.

Posted by: Scott M in The Top 40: Don't shoot at men in parachutes

Posted by gerardvanderleun at April 28, 2014 2:59 AM
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In a nutshell, "nice" is overrated.

Posted by: Mike Anderson at April 28, 2014 3:18 AM

The right's biggest problem isn't being too nice, it is not picking their battles wisely.

You manage to let the left paint you as mean, hateful and intolerant while doing nothing but pissing into the wind.

Concede the social noise, even if just for the moment, and attack them on the core issues, language and economics. And learn to play the PR game better.

At the present you are more interested in being right (correct) than winning. So you are losing.

Posted by: B Moe at April 28, 2014 4:51 AM

"Only group resistance will save you."

I am not a group member.
I am an individual, just like everyone else.
Evil is perpetrated at the individual level, and that's where it must be addressed. Until people get over this herd mentality they will continue to act and be treated as cattle.

This herd mindset was established wrongly in the first 3 words of the constitution:

"We the people....", no one gets to speak for me.

Democracy is the act of mob rule where the rights of the individual are subordinate to the rights of the concept of democracy which is controlled at the top by a handful of criminal elitist's and I reject the very notion outright.

I would rather live free and alone than caged in a crowd.

In fact, I require it.


Posted by: ghostsniper at April 28, 2014 6:34 AM

"I propose we strongly urge state legislators to support Mark Levin's Article 5 Convention of the States."


Because the federal government as presently comprised - utterly corrupt from top to bottom - is so very careful to limit itself to the specific authority granted by the States via the Constitution and its various Amendments as it is, right? Right? Just add some more Amendments - that'll fix things. Right?

Sorry, the time to stop being nice was 1994 - you know, back when supposed "conservatives" were telling us "delusional cranks" to STFU as we warned of every single ill that has befallen this nation since. You're twenty years late. The so-called "Liberty Amendments" are a silly, suicidal pipe dream, and I suspect Levin himself knows it. His amendments will never pass, and the "progressives'" knife at the throat of most media will prevent the national discussion and increase in political awareness his proposal is really designed to stimulate. Like most self-identified conservative icons today, he is limited to preaching to the choir.

In a nation where the growing (but already) critical mass of "voters" is best characterized by socially engineered willful ignorance, entitlement, baseless "self-esteem" and the pervading notion that the federal government grants all "rights" to the States and U.S. "citizens", and is there to individually protect and support them, you can forget ever restoring this Republic to its original, functional form via the ballot box. This is on par with the fantasy that the colonies could have voted themselves freedom from a tyrannical Britain. Restoration of the Republic through "democracy" - at least as it is currently defined in the U.S. alongside "progressive" terms of art like "amnesty", "tolerance", "diversity", "social justice" and, indeed, "progressive" - is no longer an option. The endgame through which we are passing has been in the works since 1865.

You had your shot, America. You blew it. You never took the time to fully understand human nature any better than the delusional Marxists. You failed to institutionalize individual accountability equally alongside individual liberty.

Better luck next time.

Posted by: goy at April 28, 2014 8:41 AM

@ Goy, the Mark Levin's Article 5 Convention of the Sates will change the current Federal, out of control govt, because it gives States power the Feds are mis-using today. Some of the Amendments include after enough states approve they can ignore SCOTUS rulings. The states can recall Senators for cause. No Fed regulation can be implemented without specific vote of Congress if it costs private sector for than a given amount.

The Feds will not limit their power. The states are anxious to reassert their power and the states will limit the Fed's power.

I think you could benefit from more Convention of the States or Article 5 Convention research. It's NOT a Constitutional Comvention. It's not possible for the Convention to runaway and make radical choices for us all. It requires 30-40 states to propose and then adopt any change. Congress isn't able to block these changes. The President isn't involved.

Posted by: Scott M at April 28, 2014 1:08 PM

Scott, I have the book. I've read the book. Twice. I understand the ostensible intent of the Amendments. I have probably forgotten more about Art. V Convention process, rationale, etc., than most Americans have ever been exposed to. Nowhere have I stated any of the typical, often hysterical concerns voiced by others about a "runaway" convention, etc.

First, this nation - this electorate, as presently comprised - is never, ever going to honestly discuss, much less pass these proposals. We have individuals, groups, organizations and private companies being regularly demonized in practically all of the media and various other public forums NOW for not blindly going along with the "progressive" agenda. They are in the business of manufacturing public opinion and they operate virtually unopposed in this regard. Do you think the honest intent or rationale of any of these proposals will ever see the light of day among the general public, i.e., those who aren't already predisposed to agree with Levin? If so, how, exactly?

Second, even if any of these Amendments were to pass, as I've already pointed out, there is no mechanism to effectively limit federal power based on the Constitution NOW. The established, circular criteria has maintained for decades that the federal government - alone - has the power (via the SCOTUS) to judge the limits of the federal government's authority. Americans have been accepting this ridiculous "precedent" for so long they never even give it a thought today. Adding more Amendments, even if they ostensibly give States more control on some nebulous level, doesn't change that in any way. In the end, the States - those whose legislatures actually oppose federal overreach - will still have to unite in some fashion to enforce the mandates imposed by the new Amendments.

As such, it seems clear based on the practical reality we face that for any of Levin's suggestions to have any practical positive effect, it will be necessary for the States to first dismantle the corrupt federal structure as it exists today, and re-establish it just as they did in 1787. This doesn't even require a change to the existing Constitution, just an agreement among 30+ States that the federal government has so exceeded its original mandate, and is so beyond reform that it must be replaced, from top-to-bottom. If you'd like to pass an Amendment that formally recognizes the States' authority to do this (despite the fact that it is arguably included in those powers referenced in the Tenth Amendment), that's cool too - just follow the link in my handle on this post.

Posted by: goy at April 28, 2014 1:59 PM

WE, the People have the POWER. This was very difficult for me to grasp at first but after several seminars I was educated. As individuals we are powerless. Powerless. I held a Governor appointed office in a western state for several years. I found out the hard way that as an individual I could not fight the established leftist/communist apparatus and get anywhere. I had to convince eight other individuals (all conservatives) to dump the individual approach and act as a group and get as many others on our side as possible. Bingo! It worked. We scared the the shit out of the commies. We fought like them. Not nice and "clean" but damn serious.

My group was an agricultural committee whose state approved mission was to look out for agriculture, period. We did not realize it then but we were fighting United Nations Agenda 21. A very nasty and well hidden subversive operation indeed.

The ONLY way to fight for our way of life and the future for OUR children is to group up. The individual is POWERLESS in the real world friends. The Tennessee Center for Self-Governance is a place to start.


As stated above. We are past any reconciliation with the enemy. Yes, the enemy. We, are the enemy of both the left (Democrats) and the Republican establishments. We are past any deal making or "working with the other side" scenarios. This is going to be a battle for our lives. Yes that kind of battle. Think that way now or die later. The people in charge know we are waking up and will not roll over. They are not purchasing all this ammo to support the arms industry. They know they will be killing Americans.

Wake up! The deal is on. Also as stated above there will be no dude riding up on a white horse to save us. We are it. We will have to do the entire job of fighting for what we know is ours.

Speak up. Attend city council meetings, county commission/supervisor sessions, etc. These people are on a roll to destroy our way of life while we sit at home on the couch watching bugger-ball.

Posted by: Terry at April 28, 2014 6:24 PM

If 20% of the people that recognize we are in deep kimchi would make their presence known any time, in addition to voting, we could limit the damage coming from DC and maybe even scare enough in DC to have them stop. But we keep experimenting with what I call preemptive resignation. It's like how Republicans negotiate with Democrats. In our own minds we wish for an outcome. Then we fear what the Democrats would do if we tried to reach our goal, we offer to cooperate with The Left if we can have some symbolic measure. Then we decide the Democrats won't go along anyway, and then accept the Democrat steamroller is only doing what steamrollers do.

Republicans hold the over half of the state Governor's offices. The Republicans have majority in one or more state Assembly/Senates in about half of the states. Several states have already passed some bills expressing their willingness to participate in a Convention of States process.

What is the advantage of deciding before any effort that it's doomed to fail and accept our fate? Why for the love of God can't we fight and change the future rather than run a thought-experiment and surrender before anyone with a TV even hears about the effort?

It seems our side will only contemplate 1)doing nothing, 2)vote once every other November, 3) fleeing to another country, 4) shooting up the place or worse. If someone seriously believes ALL is lost and the system can't be changed by the people in the states, it seems the only choice left is suicide or mass-murder. That's beyond insane, especially since the Article 5 process is painless and already has state legislatures cooperating.

What's the harm in continuous phone, email, personal pestering of politicians before things really are all over? Why is it so easy to get people to put on their pundit hat but not their citizenship gloves? The pundits won't be spared from the doom, if it is inevitable.

Posted by: Scott M at April 29, 2014 1:35 AM