May 2, 2006

The Seattle Swarms

FIRST THERE WAS NOTHING IN THE STREET, then there was everyone, then there was nobody there again....

I woke up determined to report on the street demonstation in Seattle yesterday. It was, by far, the largest one I'd been in since the height of the Vietnam War. But, as it turns out, I didn't have to. AskMom has already done the heavy lifting at:
AskMom: May Day Cuckoos and Tough Love

We stood on newspaper boxes burning up our digital cameras, a tiny minority island of the blue-eyed, blonde and native born. Down Second Avenue poured the brunette river, phlegmatic and practical. We were never afraid of these polite families with their home-made signs. And I wanted so much to support their cause. How could I not? "We work and pay taxes." "Liberty, Freedom, Justice." "Our Children Are Our Future Too."

If you've raised a child you know that tough love is the easiest in the long run; but at any given moment it can hurt so bad. And so it does here. Yes, we're all human,� we all hope for a better tomorrow, and this magnificent country is the best hope there is. Yes, the vast majority of illegals are not violent criminals, not terrorists, not subversives. Yes, we came here as immigrants too, and not so very long ago either.

But legally. We came here legally, and that's the way it's got to be. I wish I knew how to make it right for the families split between legal residents and illegal aliens; the long-term productive community members who must keep on the down low, the determined young born in some foreign hellhole and willing to die for a chance to be American. When someone figures it out, I'll work to make it happen. But amnesty for illegals, opening the borders, allowing hostile takeovers of American soil, those things aren't right and most Americans just don't support them.

Here's one thing most Americans would support. Let's make it a crime for Moonbat Victimology Leeches to appear at these events. Like Cuckoos putting their eggs in the other birds nests, the left keeps trying to hijack real people's issues. It's tacky, insensitive and selfish. Plus the polyester-clad union drones looked drab and unhealthily pale next to the stylin' Hispanics. We've got to lose them all:

The burka wearing supporters of some jailed Islamic terrorist. The pug-ugly man-hating radical feminists. The union apparatchiks with their glossy banners. The socialist workers and their smeary, unintelligible tracts. The race-baiting black thugs. Not to mention the truly despicable, two men in Nazi uniforms. Even the LaRouchies gave them a wide berth.

I did see people trying to squelch dissent. I heard race, class and gender bigotry. I saw camera hogging and rudeness and one quickly aborted attempt to destroy a sign. Not by the cops, press, conservatives, marchers or even the evil Nazi white guys. No, Seattle, it was your own spoiled and willful toddlers, the classic liberals, doing the dirties. They came to a party without an invitation and tried to trash the place when they weren't treated like stars.

Rescind their citizenship, the citizenships of all the whining Moonbats everywhere; and give their places in the American Dream to the marchers.

That's an immigration policy that will work.

Panorama of Seattle Demonstation. Click to enlarge. Warning! Large file @ 160K

Posted by Vanderleun at May 2, 2006 8:52 AM
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I've heard a comment or two on the nightly news by women who illegally crossed the border, had a couple of kids on the public's dime and now whines about "breaking up the family".

Reminds me of the story of the kid who killed his parents and then asked the court for mercy because he was an orphan.

Posted by: Richard in Port Orchard, WA at May 2, 2006 11:21 AM

A heartfelt post, but I'm afraid I am generally less trustful of the good intentions of illegal immigrants. Obviously, some large fraction of them prefer to earn an honest living. Another large fraction will cheerfully place their kids in American schools while paying far less in taxes than their kids cost to educate. Need I discuss their method of health care? Their carrying American flags this time impresses me not a bit.

Posted by: Morenuancedthanyou at May 2, 2006 2:14 PM

Actually, when you think about it, the working poor of natural born Americans have their children educated for much less than they pay in taxes. And I also note that the working poor of whatever origin also have their health care taken care of in the same way. This is not to make a case for being an illegal in America, but only to point out that the examples given are built into the system and available to all regardless of whether they are illegal aliens or natural born Americans.

It doesn't go to justifying the aliens, it just goes to the concept that better ideas require better arguments.

Posted by: Vanderleun at May 2, 2006 4:00 PM

I am suggesting that while some illegal aliens probably have perfectly noble sentiments toward the US, others have trained themselves, with plenty of help from US-born "activists", to believe that the US owes them whatever they can take. Or can you convince me that they would see justice in our sending our poor to be schooled and medicated on the Mexican dime?

It is indeed built into the American system that illegal aliens are allowed these things, alongside the American poor. Unless I misunderstand you, you and I agree that the situation is untenable.

Posted by: Morenuancedthanyou at May 2, 2006 9:47 PM

I was sort of surprised at the faction that boycotted American businesses to "have an impact".
Sounded like extortion to me. On a socialist/communist holiday to boot.
So...the wife and I spent a good chunk of our months pay on the 1st.
I don't think it will have the negative impact they think it will.
Whoever is running the P.R. behind the more militan factions isn't very bright.

Posted by: Ben USN (Ret) at May 3, 2006 4:14 AM

You are correct. We do agree.

Posted by: Gerard Van der Leun at May 3, 2006 7:55 AM

That's really smart of them, to boycott American businesses. Given that
1) anyone without a legitimate Social Security Number can earn only an unimpressive salary, and
2) Wal-Mart already has the financial resources greater than most small countries, and
3) the little mexican corner stores already have their steady influx of family/customers,
I conclude that: The only thing that will probably happen is that Wal-Mart will shrug as it notices no difference in its sales numbers.

(I also find it hard to believe that they will actually hold to their vows of boycotting ammerican businesses when they realize that imported goods cost more because of tariffs and shiping costs.)

Posted by: Thatannagirl at May 5, 2006 1:38 PM