April 2, 2004

The Cowardice of Kos and the Missing Link

An online firestorm erupted yesterday when the "pride of the Democratic bloggers," The Daily Kos came out with a bald admission of what he really thinks of his fellow Americans in Iraq:

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The result of this bit of self-revelation was evidently too much for Kos to take and he has begun his bit of online-revisionism already. The original links no longer point to the post, but have been changed to point to his vile little "apology." Thus he is hoping that those following links to his original post will not see that (it is buried deep within the Diary section) but will see instead his "second" thought. To paraphase an ancient Zen saying, "First thought, true thought."

What Kos actually thinks and feels is not found in his "apology" but in his initial sentiment. If it was not the original sentiment would not be referred to as "some diary comments somewhere" with no link to them. [The missing link is found here -- It's buried. Search for the phrase he uses when describing his fellow Americans: "Screw them."

I don't know how long that entry will last so I've made, with many others, a screen capture.

What can one say about the perverted nature of Kos's soul that hasn't already been said. Little or nothing. The sentiment speaks for itself.

What is more interesting is the speed at which this person acted to try and revise and purify the web record in order to present himself in a better light. It is one thing to voice an opinion --however odious -- and quite another to revise the link record so that the original either disappears or is difficult to find.

What we see here is nothing less than moral cowardice of the first water acted out in the plain view of net-savvy people. Kos could not have hoped that by redirecting the original link to his apology he would fool the savvy at all. What he hoped is that he would ensnare the less savvy with his apology. This would include, among others, those who advertise on his page.

We hear a lot from people such as Kos about ethical behavior. But when it comes to covering their own behinds, ethics and accuracy in the historical record seems to be the first thing jettisoned.

Oh, who were those "mercenaries" that Kos reviled with "Screw them?" They can be seen here.

What was done to them can be seen, if you have the stomach for it, here.

Re-read the original Kos posting above. Take a look at who these men were and what happened to them in Fallujah.

The next time you meet with Kos or other "Americans" who think as he does, you might want to borrow a line from the McCarthy era and ask these cowards of the Left: "Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

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