January 23, 2010

Something for Everyone! A Tragedy Tonight!

What if Obama simply doesn't know how to manage things? Can't win a war, can't reform intelligence, can't contain entitlements, can't fix the economy, can't do anything practical? Just like maybe he couldn't manage the Annenberg Foundation or edit the Harvard Law Review? It's no crime, but it means that he will sooner or later either become a figurehead surrounded by Democratic "wise men" or go charging around like a bull in a china shop. -- Belmont Club » Magic

Besides containing a telling clip from Henry IV, Part 1 with not a little to say about any blowhard tyrant's self image, this blog entry is merely to place a prediction marker for this time next year.

Prediction: The president swears he will not stop fighting for "us" even as most of "us" wonder when he ever started fighting. In the face of a mounting repudiation from all sides (even if for partisan reasons) it seems as if the response of the Obambis is to become even more fixed in their current direction. Should they continue in this past the perfectly normal period of political bluster, by this time next year they will all be in shit so deep they'll need snorkels just to drown.

"He expects Magic. He will summon monsters from the vasty deep. But will they come? Someone should have taught young Barry Soetero to tell truth and shame the devil. Now it is to late."-- LifeOftheMind @ Belmont Club サ Magic

Posted by Vanderleun at January 23, 2010 7:54 PM
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