February 21, 2011

Tedious Progressivism Marches On Into the Past: The Rants Never Change Only the Fashions


Here's a cover from American Legion magazine in 1951. It highlights, "Commies and those who play their game." [emphasis added]

How strangely contemporary it seems. It's sixty years later and yet it seems that nothing has changed on ye olde picket line. Has nothing changed in America in sixty years? Whole worlds have shifted in the country to such an extent that it would exhaust libraries to shelve the books written on those changes.

But in the colonized minds of the Left it is still, and will always be, someplace between the Finland Station and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Outside of the fact that these community organized protestors seem to be better dressed and groomed, and that the signs contain no F-Bombs or BushHitler syntax, everything that is griping the ass of these folks in 1951 is still bubbling in their seething craniums today. We've seen the signs out of Madison, Wisconsin over the weekend and the medium may now be Sharpie on tattered cardboard, but the song is still the same. In American over the last 60 years, change has rolled over everything -- except the eternal emptiness of the progressive mind.

If the eternal question of these tools is "Are we there yet?," the answer must surely be, "We'll never be there because there is no there there, only the eternal grinding of dull, old axes on the Mobius strip of the eternal picket line."

It seems to me that progressives have to get some new schtick lest they violate the the First Commandment of contemporary American pop-culture: "THOU SHALT NOT BE BOR-ING!"

Posted by Vanderleun at February 21, 2011 1:00 PM
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The pinkos in the '51 picket line were dressed like grown-ups. Today's marchers are pretty much indistinguishable from homeless people.

Posted by: Mike Anderson at February 21, 2011 2:52 PM