November 14, 2014

On Knowing What's What and Who's Who

Last week the 91-year-old father of a friend of mine was out riding his Harley. (He's a tough old bird to be sure.) Sadly that day turned out to be one of those times where, when taking a curve, something went wrong and down he went on his motorcycle at speed.

There were, as you might imagine, multiple injuries from which he will spend some months recovering. The first thing that happened, however, was that 911 was called and an ambulance pulled up to the scene of the accident where the elderly biker was being held still and comforted by his son who was out riding with him.

Two paramedics jumped out and came up to the injured man and assessed his physical condition. That done they moved onto his mental condition.

"What year is it, sir?"

"It's 2014," he replied faintly.

"What month is it, sir?"

"It's... it's November."

"How many quarters are there in a dollar," they asked.

"Four," he replied.

"And who is president of the United States?"


Prognosis today for a full recovery? Excellent.

Posted by gerardvanderleun at November 14, 2014 8:23 PM
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When you're 91, I reckon you've earned the right to do things just because you feel like it.

You'll not find me bleeding in the street from a cycle wreck. I'd prefer to die from an overdose of too much.......turkey and dressing. (Since Thanksgiving is almost upon us.)

Posted by: Jimmy J. at November 14, 2014 7:57 PM

To a man who has lived most of his life helping others, we are here for you. Never say never and keep on movin on.

Posted by: MA at November 15, 2014 9:53 AM

Saw this referenced on FB. This man is well known in St. Cloud, MN. He is a retired firefighter of nearly 30 yrs. His biker handle is "Smokey". Truly an amazing guy. All MN bikers wish him a full and speedy recovery. My bet is that Smokey will ride again!

Posted by: Patriot Biker at November 16, 2014 6:31 AM

True story.

My mother had a serious episode several years ago, it was the first warning we had that she was heading downhill mentally.
Suffering from confusion and memory loss she was hospitalized and after they got her blood chemistry stabilized she started to get better. But she was still confused and foggy when my sisters and me came to visit. We were watching when the doctor began to check her out.

Doctor. "Elaine do you know where you are?"
Mom. "I think I'm in the hospital."
Doctor. "Do you know who that is (pointing to me)?"
Mom. "I think that's my son."
Doctor. "Do you know what year this is?"
Mom. "I'm not sure."
Doctor. "Do you know who the President is?"
Mom. "I'm not sure."
Doctor. "That's OK dear, it's President Obama."
Mom. "(Greatly agitated) OH NO!"

That's when we knew she was still in there.

Posted by: John the River at November 16, 2014 12:46 PM