March 14, 2012

Obama: Imaginary Friend of Democrats

Last night upon the stair
I saw a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today.
I hope he never goes away

-- Variation on a nursery rhyme

Even as Obama’s methods grow more radical, his means more aggressive, and his motives darker, and his ideology more naked, most Democrats polled persist in their belief that he really is their friend. It’s entirely imaginary, of course, since we see with every passing day that the “friendship” of Obama only lasts as long as it is needed -- by Obama. When the need is no longer there, the friendship fades like the Highland mist at dawn. The now tattered and overused phrase “Under the bus” has become code for “Any speed bumps on Obama's road will be steam-rolled to a flat black stain on the pavement like an armadillo on an Arizona highway in August.”

And yet, if we are to believe the polls, Democrat love for Obama endures in many even as the pain from his policies grows. The tryst that was consummated in the soft and moonlit honeymoon suite in January 2009 by February 2010 seems more and more like a long dark night in Michelle Obama's Dominatrix Dungeon with no safeword.

Incomprehensible as it may seem to any neutral observer many Democrats continue to believe, in the face of stark facts daily seen, that Obama is indeed their friend. It has to be tiring because this fantasy -- now entirely a product of the imagination -- requires that greater and greater energy is expended on the part of the believer in "Keeping it real."

How can Democrats continue to "feel the love" even as the whip comes down? Yes, it's perverse but they have no choice. Those that believe Obama is their friend find it necessary to believe. Why is Obama the imaginary friend necessary to them? Because, regardless of their age, all Obama acolytes and most Democrats are children. They need to believe in Obama like Virginia needs to believe in Santa Claus, and like a beaten woman needs to believe her man really loves her. These are immature attitudes but in the USA of the 21st century “childishness” is what we do. It's the one sector of manufacturing in which we still lead the world.

We’ve been producing the manchild, the femchild, and the girly-boy in this country for decades. What the Chinese emperors once did to women's feet we can now do to human souls and we're not outsourcing. The binding that cripples the soul begins in the early indoctrination of kindergarten, where they learn all they need to know and then stop learning much of anything else. To make sure it sticks, the indoctrination is repeated for as long as they remain soaking in the thick multicutural, transnationalist, progressive soup of our educational system:

“ The New York Times, Grievance Groups, Government, Diversity = Good” vs “The Great Books, Individualism, Responsibility, America = Bad.”
That’s pretty much it these days. Rinse and repeat that mantra like a Hari Krishna on crack and you too can actually succeed in school right up to a Ph.D. in “Diversity Studies.”

It’s Big Education’s formula for stunting spiritual growth and producing Peter Pans and Pams that won’t and can’t grow up. As a result the liberal Democrat's capacity for sustaining imaginary friends never really abates. Indeed, with many of our Baby Hueys living well into their fifth and sixth decade the imaginary friend demand was exceeding the supply. This was all solved by Big Media’s manufacture and distribution of Barack Obama as a kind of “Barakbi Doll – The Only Imaginary Friend You’ll Ever Need!”

As some have gotten chary of pointing out, Obama was tailormade (by an as yet unknown tailor in an as yet undisclosed location) for rich and/or liberal white people. It was a classic example of branding a substandard product in such a way that it gained major market share in the target demographic. Without them, Obama was nothing. Without Obama, they were less than zero.

What was the product? It was “Your New Best Friend in the White House.” It was “President Jed Bartlet Built Better Because a Bit Blacker.” To underscore this point comedian and soothsayer Chris Rock has a routine in which he relates,

“These days black folks have a LOT of white friends and white folks all have ONE black friend.”
This has, he notes, been a trend for quite some time and, given the relative population percentages of African-Americans versus Americans of the Caucasian persuasion, it was only a matter of time before there was an African-American / Caucasian friend gap.

Obama seems to fill that gap providing “a friend in need.” He’s cool. He’s slender. You not only want him to come to dinner, but to stay for the long weekend and bring his family. His family is the very essence of picture perfect latter-day Jeffersons in a Tiffany frame. You want that framed picture with you in it with them to hang on your ego wall. Obama knows you want that photo-op more than anything. He also knows what you like to hear, and he knows how to say it when he’s doing just the opposite. His stiletto is so smooth you hardly feel it going in.

Obama is a better liar than most politicians because he’s far beyond shame. Shame was stripped out of him as a teenager. Shame is for sissies. Truth is not the tool of tyrants.

Most of all Obama knows how hard it is to stop loving someone even when you see them buying lap dances from Nancy Pelosi night-after-night in the champagne court at the back of the DC titty bar. Like all abusive spouses, Obama knows that once he can get you to stick around after he’s been unfaithful and knocked you around, you’ll stay around for even more abuse and infidelity. Why? Because you’ve come to need the abuse more than the love; you’ve come to want more than anything else to just spend more time close to him in the hope that he’ll change and finally feel your pain and feed your needs.

The problem is your needs may be real, but Obama’s got a full schedule when it comes to his “Let’s wreck America as quickly and completely as possible” needs. He just doesn’t have time to hang out with you. So you’ll just have to imagine the love.

Where did this compulsive need for an imaginary friend come from? A 2006 study of the phenomenon of imaginary friends by Dr. Louise Newman, child psychiatrist and the director of the New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry , sheds a glimmer of light:

Most children grow out of imaginary friends, Newman says. But in some cases an imaginary friend can emerge in adulthood, usually in response to trauma, inability to cope with stress and sometimes psychotic illness.In rare cases some adults develop what's known as Doppelganger syndrome, which occurs when they believe a twin or invisible friend accompanies them.

Seen in that light, it’s easy to understand why so many folks retain the impression of Obama as their imaginary friend. It is, as it always is, the fault of George W. Bush. What was once the mental disease that crippled tens of millions of American minds, "Bush Derangement Syndrome" (BDS), has morphed into "Obama Arrangement Syndrome" (OAS)

which requires that people interpret or ignore events in a manner that reinforces their preconceived, and rigid, notions about Obama.

If Bush Derangement Syndrome needed a 12-step program, Obama Arrangement Syndrome is going to need a 13-step program. It begins with, “We admited to ourselves and others that the idea Barack Obama was our friend was utterly imaginary, and no matter how many times he promised it we were never going to be sharing long, hot showers into the wee hours of the morning.”

[Rewritten, updated, and republished from November 4, 2009]

Posted by gerardvanderleun at March 14, 2012 12:45 PM
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It was recently said here, women shop, men resupply. It's been several months since my last grocery-store resupply operation. I usually have a pretty good idea about what it will cost. What used to cost $200 a year ago, now costs $270.

All those people on SSI and food stamps and other forms of public assistance, they're gonna riot if this keeps on much longer. And they're gonna pray to St. Baracky, bring me the money. Since the FedGov won't cut the payments, they are inflating our money. Jeez, this is not gonna end well.

Posted by: John A. Fleming at March 14, 2012 1:17 PM

Gerard: I don't think 'chary' means what you think it means.

Posted by: ahem at March 14, 2012 2:42 PM

What the Chinese emperors once did to women's feet we can now do to human souls

Just. . . damn! That's a painful, visceral word picture that will stay with me forever.

More warrior poets, less lawmakers, please.

Posted by: Joan of Argghh at March 14, 2012 3:28 PM


Posted by: pfsm at March 14, 2012 4:19 PM

Chary. As in "wary of"

Posted by: vanderleun at March 14, 2012 4:19 PM

"Even as Obama’s methods grow more radical, his means more aggressive, and his motives darker, and his ideology more naked, most Democrats polled persist in their belief that he really is their friend."

"Men are never fooled; they only fool themselves."--Goethe

Posted by: JewishOdysseus at March 14, 2012 4:28 PM

As November approaches the remaining portions of the coup will be executed with the attacks on the system increasing in frequency and in sheer brute force.

The time for subtlety is done. There was never any thought given to eight years, because getting four was always a bad bet to begin with.

This administration has bankrupted the republic three or four times over. It has stacked the Federal civil service with literally thousands of targeted career hires bent on crushing the system. It has reshaped the Executive cabinet into a council of Czars, with the Department of Justice made into the most most criminal organization in Government. AG isn't a job; it's a tool to do a job...

The only silver lining I have is knowing that millions of Rubes will be self-identifying in the next few months.

It's going to be biblical. There will be blood, and evil will walk the land with long, proud strides.

Have a fine one.

Posted by: TmjUtah at March 14, 2012 8:05 PM

The naked truth from someone who was a part of it in the 60s at Berkeley, and who had the shit knocked out of him on 9/11.

We are bastard brothers you know, both born in '45, growing up 12 miles apart. We probably passed each other on the Honey Run or The Skyway and sat opposite at The Pagoda on a Sunday afternoon.

How I envy you living in NYC for 30 years. I was there in the summer of 66 when the Towers were going up. I stayed at the Y on 34th and walked down to stare at them. And then 35 years later...the world came to an end.

We both know the devious prick for what he is. You much better than I.

Thanks for the outrage, and courage.

Posted by: Frank at March 14, 2012 11:49 PM

I think this post from Dr Sanity sheds some light on "liberals." They share some of the pathologies of other shame/honor cultures.

They have an intense and peculiar type of narcissism. This is part of the reason why so few "liberals" leave the ideology no matter how much real-world failure a policy causes. For that species of "liberal" the purpose of the policy is to support the personal and group psychology of "liberals." The other strain of "liberal" is the fellow-traveler that supports policies BECAUSE they will fail, and the aftermath will be beneficial to the ideology, think Cloward-Piven. "The worse the better."

Posted by: Scott M at March 15, 2012 3:03 AM

Th old joke goes, "Once black, never back." Well my spin is "Once abort, you're in the cohort" Once you've crossed the line into an abortion, or know friends who have had abortions, or have been the sperm donor to a female who was obliged to have an abortion, you're pretty much hooked into the lib thinking system, because the only alternative is to believe you just killed your own child.

And the longer liberalism persists, the bigger this problem grows because one of the fundamental arguments of conservatives becomes more and more unbearable to contemplate -- that you are part of a movement that has killed 50 (soon to be 55, then 60)million babies for NO REAL REASON!

And that is why liberals have to shred the past and all previous norms of decency and even reason itself. Because as long any of these things stand. liberals stand accused of perpetrating one of the ghastliest crimes in all of history

Posted by: Callmelennie at March 15, 2012 8:10 AM

Nobody ever wanted to claim status as a Donner Party survivor.

That's how abortion works as a recruiting tool, you know. Eat from the pot once, and you never EVER want to have to face yourself again. It's a clinical thing.

You find others in the same boat and go all Alinsky on those that stuck with the menu items.

Posted by: TmjUtah at March 15, 2012 4:29 PM

How can Democrats continue to "feel the love" even as the whip comes down?"
In between whippings, dogs will always lick the hand that whips them. That's how.
Everything I needed to know about totalitarians I learned from watching my neighbor and his dog.
Not quite as evocative as Kindergarten, but truer.

Posted by: Windy Wilson at March 19, 2012 12:44 PM