October 13, 2015

Matt Drudge: A Rare Interview with Alex Jones

"I’ve had a hell of a run. It’s 20 years next year or 20 years about now. Hell of a run. I couldn’t have gone any farther."

Gets moving at around 13 minutes.

On the media’s treatment of Hillary: “You’ve got to be the greatest you can be now–now. Before this country is so completely altered and we’re left with Hillary’s brain in the Oval Office in a jar. Cuz that’s what we’re getting. She is old and she’s sick. She is not a contender. They’re making her a contender with these propped up Saturday Night Live things; it’s like a head on a stick. And then on the Today show with [Savannah Guthrie]–a head on a stick. She is not a viable, vibrant leader for this country of 300–including the illegals, 380 million–Americans. So the media is trying to put us to sleep.”

On the American public: “How sick are the American people right now? I’ve been saying that they could put Hillary Clinton’s brain in a jar in the Oval Office and she would be elected. People are really sick… People are willing to be made over in the image of these corporations.”

On relying on others’ online platforms: “The reason there’s so much anger online, also, is a newspaper like the Washington Post will leave a comment section. They don’t care what you’re saying. They don’t care what you’re thinking. That’s why you get this anger, that, ‘oh, I’m out here as a citizen and I’m operating in their playground.’ Make your own playground! The reason I’m here, Alex, is you’ve made your own playground.”

“You get famous on YouTube… you’re playing in Google’s hell pit. Make your own place. The Internet allows you to make your own dynamic, your own universe. Why are you gravitating toward somebody else’s universe? And this is kind of, again, where Drudge, to me, when I look at it right now, is a correction to this groupthink that has–there’s no difference from any of these websites. You go up and down, we talk about this. What’s the difference between the websites? Between a Slate or a Salon or a BuzzFeed or a HuffPo–what is the difference? There isn’t any. And this is a travesty. It’s almost like a weird conglomerate of groupthink that has developed in a dynamic era that should be vibrating. It should be vibrating, it should be controversial.”

Posted by gerardvanderleun at October 13, 2015 10:23 AM
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80 million, 90 days ~poof~

canabalistic parasites consuming each other using selfy stix as chop stix

there's a new sun rising up angry in the sky

and there's a new voice crying we're not afraid to die

let the old world make believe they're blind and deaf and dumb

but nothing can change the shape of things to come

Posted by: ghostsniper at October 13, 2015 12:59 PM

Saw this earlier somewhere. To bad we didn't SEE Drudge.

Posted by: Stella at October 13, 2015 3:42 PM

Drudge has been very careful not to let any contemporary photos of him to be taken or promulgated. Very smart. Most photos of Drudge are around 8-10 years old (He mentions this.). As a result virtually nobody would know Drudge if they were standing next to him. Good way to keep your privacy.

Posted by: vanderleun at October 13, 2015 4:28 PM