February 19, 2009

How's that Hope and Change Thing Working Out So Far?

Change? Okay. Change what? Change my mind? Change my socks? Should I change my tires or can I get away with just rotating them? Is it okay to change the future or should I work harder at changing the past? Change for a dollar? Change for a quarter? How do you really make change when there's no cash register to tell you what the answer is? Should I call the doctor if there's any change in the condition my condition is in? What happens if life pitches you a change up? Can I be the change or can I slide through by being the ball? Would it be good if I changed my life? I had two wives who went through the change of life and they didn't seem to enjoy it, nor did I at the time. Maybe I should just be satisfied with ... climate change!

For, lo, it is truly said, "The only person on earth who really likes change is a wet baby."

Hope? Okay. What should I hope for and where shall I hope it? In a town called Hope? Shall I watch "Hope for Tomorrow?" Shall I shit in one hand and hope in the other and see which one fills up first? Is there hope for the future or is hope in vain? If I hope Obama isn't what everything about him says he is am I hoping against hope? Is it better to "hope and pray," or can I slide through on hope alone? And if I can cut out the praying and stay with the hope, can I also dump faith and charity thus saving both time and money? If so, shall I hope for the best or hope to avoid the worst? Does hope float? I mean, really float? Like Ivory soap? And why is hope the thing with feathers in the first place?

For, lo, it is truly said, "Live in hope. Die in despair."

[You know, it seems like almost yesterday I wrote these thoughts down. Oh, wait a minute... it was almost yesterday. How time refuses to fly.]

Posted by Vanderleun at February 19, 2009 7:41 PM
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