June 14, 2016

Extraordinary Popular Political Delusions and the Madness of Crowds ...

Oh the gangster looks so fright'ning
With his Luger in his hand
When he gets home to his children
He's a family man
But when it comes to the nitty-gritty
He can shove in his knife
Yes he really looks quite religious
He's been an outlaw all his life

Me, I'm waiting so patiently
Lying on the floor
I'm just trying to do this jig-saw puzzle
Before it rains anymore

- - Rolling Stones - Jig-saw Puzzle

Here lived the terrorist who took 49 innocent lives

The property for terrorist "oozing normality," writes Aftenposten US correspondent for the visit to the apartment of Omar Mateen.

You try to get your mind around it, but it's no go. You've seen the photos of the blood-sloshed killing floor from the Paris concert hall, blood waves smeared over high velocity spatter onto the floor like some sloppy imitation of a second-rate Jackson Pollack. You've seen that and you should be able to at least partially envision the aftermath of the atrocity, where the dead are frozen in place and the soon to be dead move fitfully as the a hundred or more cell-phones' ringtones make a pop-cult cacophony no DJ mixmaster can hope to emulate... now that the wall is breached and the survivors removed and the shooting is finally, finally stopped and then you read, in the first fitful reports of the last texts coming out of the phones...

"Call them mommy
"He's coming
"I'm gonna die


.... and so yes you try to get your head around this -- to get , at least, the faint sense of an echo of what this horror must have been like for those trapped with such implacable evil and you try to understand this, to at least, to somehow get your head around it but like trying to find an end to this sentence it is no go....

[This was the beginning of something I wanted to say about how this year and this world is shaping up; something about how the Madness of the Crowd has suddenly this summer come upon us all -- a shared nightmare from which we struggle to escape. But it is late in a long day and I will have to try to return to this tomorrow. Or perhaps the next day. Or perhaps the next decade.]

Posted by gerardvanderleun at June 14, 2016 10:10 PM
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The banality of evil. Were we expecting to find guns and bloodied knives lying around? Not really. I'm sure the San Bernardino murderers place looked very similar before that herd of jackals masquerading as reporters ransacked the place.
I'd like to go on about what common thread links these with the attacks to come, but I am tired and disheartened. All I can do is watch from my window as the world burns.

Posted by: Mumblix_Grumph at June 14, 2016 11:26 PM

Why are there always selfies? I am convinced that there are only two types of people who take selfies, shooters and victims. Rule to live by ... Stay away from people who take selfies.

Posted by: edaddy at June 15, 2016 7:03 AM

They used to use a word. What was it? Pathological. Whatever form of psychological description you say, Omar plunges the knife into that. Does it remove my head? No. My narrative stays intact. I never saw this as a referendum against guns, or a plight against gays. He was a Muslim man, in a sea of Muslim terrorists.

The American Muslim Representative who came on TV last night, Somebody Carson, from some the hell where Midwest, says something to the effect of don't indict all Muslims over this one event. One event?

Threads. Tie them together. What percentage of Sig Sauer carbines are used in mass attacks? Infinitesimal. What percentage of Muslims talk, cheer or execute attacks? It registers.

Last night I heard the slamming. It was the SJW meme hitting the wall at 90 MPH. Ain't nobody got time for SJW, Hussein the prez., or Hillary the Weasel. I will surround myself with lions all walking in one direction.

Posted by: Casey Klahn at June 15, 2016 7:37 AM

The connections with this one are laying right out in the open, Hillary, the Blind Sheik, etc. Carson was the cat involved in the famous "spitting" incident. Nobody ever claimed that hundred grand. As Casey sez, that meme never touched the brakes...

Posted by: Will at June 15, 2016 7:47 AM

The photos of his living space "ooze normality"?? With Star Wars shower curtain and wall hangings, and a bedroom that resembles that of a 10-year-old? No, not normal. I'd say this is guy somehow never grew up.

Posted by: Grizzly at June 15, 2016 6:56 PM

And now, Jeh Johnson, head of "Homeland Security", and a moslem convert, says that gun control is now our problem.
The Orlando shooter was a contractor for DHS.
He worked for Jeh Johnson...

Posted by: ChrisP at June 15, 2016 7:53 PM

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