November 19, 2012

Dust in the Air Suspended

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today

-- Antigonish

How odd. A man who had been making a daily impression on my mind across several years has now simply evaporated from my memory. It's not that I don't know his name and, in very general terms, what he looked like but, even knowing, I find it harder and harder with every passing hour to visualize what he looks like. Hair? Okay. I get the hair impression. But only in general shape and it keeps melding into that hair logo they keep trotting out for the Howdy Doody of late night, Conan O'Brian. And I know it is black hair. A gleaming black hair helmet.

Black hair helmet which grew on the head of somebody who wanted some sort of top job in the government. Ran around looking for the job since before 2006. Spent hundreds of millions of dollars. Said a lot of things. A lot of things. But didn't really have the gift of gab since it now seems I can't remember a damn thing he said. Strange because I have the impression that he said the same things over and over and over. Weren't that catchy.

Nice guy. I think. I think so. I'm pretty sure. Seemed that way. Had a pretty wife. Real MILF actually. Have a more vivid impression of her, but only just. Has a family too. A BIG family. Saw them a lot in the background getting on and off a big bus like these road shows do these days. But again, can't really remember them very vividly. Like a ghost circus in a phantom ring inside of a tent of shadows. Fading hurdy-gurdy tunes.

He wanted something. Something me. I wasn't always sure what he wanted and pretty sure I didn't have it on hand. Bumped into him again and again down different streets. Always seemed to be around over in the corner with a band and a fountain of balloons behind him. I agreed with him. I guess I did but I can't really remember any vivid plans he had. Again, not a guy who with words a way had.

It went on for years. Years. Day in and day out. Always there. Always just in the background. Movements reported. Here it is. Here it is again. Here once again sort of the same as all the times before. Let's go to the video tape. Could have used the same 10 tapes of campaign moments rich in blather and pose set on shuffle. Would have had as much impact.

I can summon up the guy and the babe from 2008.... no problem. The weird old guy with the shiny pate and the odd arm made stiff with honor. And the babe... Oh yes, the babe. She was hot. Got my attention. Now she's losing the body that made her hot and is doing some kind of fitness video. Sad. Really. But still I can visualize her. Can't with the new/old guy and his rollicking kid sidekick with nice economic ideas that can never happen.

Trying. But. Just. Can't. Visualize. Them. Maybe if they'd been just a tint more... dusky... cocoa.... hispanic... .... had some sort of identifying mark, scar, full-body tattoo, facial piercing...

Like voting for a phantom; for a wisp of smoke -- tendrils tangling in the trees and then -- vapor --- from wetware to vaporware ... in less than two weeks. Must be some sort of record. Maybe it was all just, you know, one of those optical illusions where you think you see something but you don't. Perhaps it was just negative space made up to resemble a face.

"Whatever you wanted
What could it be?
Did somebody tell you
That you could get it from me?
Is it something that comes natural?
Is it easy to say?
Why do you want it?
Who are you anyway?"

Posted by gerardvanderleun at November 19, 2012 4:28 PM
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Which is what we noted all along. We dreaded his looming presence in the background, we despaired (some of us)when he moved into our line of sight, knowing its portent.

Then we were calmed by his calmness, became reasonable, malleable by his oh-so-reasonable and malleable "center." But the momentum around him was a positive thrown up against the most Negative. Nothing more.

His ability to do the thing he was asked was his best quality. And like many, many untold millions of good men who do what is asked of them and then shuffle away into the future, he is, take him for all in all, forgettable.

Posted by: Joan of Argghh at November 20, 2012 4:19 AM