January 19, 2004

DeanSpeak: So Much Going Out, They Can't Listen

Perhaps my inner ear is too keen but when I read the Deanista's hyperventilating blog posts tonight, some sounds amiss. There's an historical echo coming through that, since most Dean bloggers are young and unschooled in any history other than that of their formative years in the malls of America, they don't seem to hear it.

1)generation dean || official weblog"The Perfect Storm showed other candidates and campaigns what you are capable of. 3,500 Stormers knocked on 48,000 doors in a single day. That is a record. You have broken barriers, set new records, soared to new heights -- and you will do it again. "
2)Blog for America: BloggerStorm!"The Perfect Stormers are all scrambling around Iowa headquarters looking for laptops to buy tickets to New Hampshire."
3)Blog for America: BloggerStorm! As Dean said to the Perfect Stormers, "Who would have thought? We have a ticket to New Hampshire. And we have just begun to fight!"
4)Blog for America: BloggerStorm! "Perfect Stormers, staff and volunteers alike are out in force, providing Dean visibility across Des Moines, and across the state. It's two degrees here. we're all in orange, red and yellow Storm hats."

"The Stormers" -- 3,500 -- spread out -- knocking on doors --- everywhere -- the morning stormers -- Dean visiblity --- 48,000 doors --- looking for laptops...

It sounds like... a bit... but I'll stop now lest I break Godwin's Law. That would never do.

I'll go back to blogforamerica where they're always talking about "filling the Big Bat."

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