April 20, 2016

Atom Bomb: One World or None | The Nation August 18, 1945

"Hey kids, let's give control of nuclear weapons to the United Nations!" This was one week after Hiroshima/Nagasaki in 1945.

Atom Bomb: One World or None | The Nation August 18, 1945

At the very minimum, the United Nations must be made trustee of the atomic bomb. Otherwise the idea of collective agreements to keep the peace may as well be abandoned.

But this minimum is far too small to provide any serious measure of safety. For the San Francisco charter is itself a collective agreement based on power. As Edward R. Murrow said the other day, the big nations have "created an organization and made laws from which they are exempt." In other words, there is no rule of law to which all nations are equally subject. The authority of the United Nations rests in the coalition of great powers which form its core. How much value can such an organization now have even if the control of the atomic bomb should be vested in it? It cannot dominate the world, for a single nation, small or large, possessed of the facilities to make the new explosive, would have as much power to threaten peace and terrorize other nations as did one or all of the Big Three–or Four–or Five. And any one of the large nations, ruled by a new Hitler, could reduce the world to slavery–or to dust. In the space of a single day the World Security Organization grew from childhood to senility. Now it must be replaced.

If we are to survive our new powers we must understand their full meaning. We shall have to move fast, both internationally and within each country. No longer can we afford a world organized to prevent aggression only if all of the great powers wish it to be prevented. No longer can we afford a social system which would permit private business, in the name of freedom, to control a source of energy capable of creating comfort and security for all the world’s people. This seems self-evident, and so it is. But it calls for changes so sweeping that only an immense effort of will and imagination can bring them about. A new conference of the nations must be assembled to set up a World Government, to which every state must surrender an important part of its sovereignty. In this World Government must be vested the final control over atomic energy. And within each nation the people must establish public ownership and social development of the revolutionary force war has thrust into their hands. This program will sound drastic only to people who have not yet grasped the meaning of the new discovery. It is not drastic. We face a choice between one world or none.

Posted by gerardvanderleun at April 20, 2016 12:45 PM
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I think *Ronnie RayGun* had the right idea but the wrong method.

If a country can safeguard itself from the threat of nuclear annihilation they have effectively disarmed the entire planet.

But this requires a system, not a method, nationwide and unfortunately this is not even remotely possible under a democratic form of gov't.

So, regarding the notion of instant death for millions since that discovery 70 years ago, the rubicon that cannot be uncrossed, is forever more.

Duck and cover my ass.

Posted by: ghostsniper at April 20, 2016 2:13 PM

This newsreel was made before the Korean war. Remember Korea and the UN?

Russia boycotted the UN meeting when North Korea attacked the South. Big mistake. With Russia absent and thus unable to cast a veto, the UN voted to defend South Korea. The Soviets learned a hard lesson.

Russia has never missed a single UN meeting since. Furthermore, as the Venona disclosures made clear, the Soviets began a master plan to infiltrate and co-opt the UN. That plan has been astonishingly successful.

It was so successful that the current FSB (the old KGB) now effectively controls the UN. And because its UN infiltration was so easy and so successful, the erstwhile Soviets have expanded their plans, and they have now infiltrated 'fellow travelers' in almost all professional science Boards (usually six member Boards, but it really only takes a couple of votes to change the organization's course).

I regularly tell friends: "Never listen to what Obama says. He's a smooth talker. Instead, watch his actions! They will tell you what's really happening."

Same with the old Soviets, and the UN. And all the professional organizations that march in lock-step, parroting the exact same "dangerous man-made global warming" alarmism.

Scientists always argue. But amazingly, almost every science organization now makes the same baseless claims about man-made global warming — after almost twenty years of NO global warming!

Watch their actions, folks. Their words are lies.

Posted by: Smokey at April 20, 2016 4:10 PM