February 21, 2006

The Beclowning Begins

abeclowned.jpgGiven Obama's successful raid on the Clinton rice-bowl in Hollywood last night, auto-beclowning was only a matter of time. But in this day and age, "a matter of time" is measured in minute fractions of a news cycle. This is not always "good" for the candidate on the "reactive" part of the current kerfuffle since taking a few deep breaths in politics is probably the wisest course of action.

No such luck for the Clintons who have, again, beclowned themselves by taking David Geffen's characterization of Hillary Clinton as "ambitious" as a personal insult against their sainted candidate. There are few things that strike me as genuinely "non-partisan" in this day and age, but saying Hillary is "ambitious" has got to be one of them. It is a statement well within the range of factual observations bounded on the one side by 2+2=4 and on the other by the Pythagorean Theorem.

When David Geffen (one of the most successful liars every to strut and fret his hours upon the Hollywood boards) says " is there anybody more ambitious than Hillary Clinton? " the smart money just moves on and shuts up. But since Geffen is heavily involved in helping Obama pick the Clinton's pockets in Hollywood, just shutting up is not an option for the Clinton campaign. Instead they come back with the demand, "Clinton Camp to Obama: Cut Ties & Return Cash After Top Booster's Vicious Attacks." If you go to the link and read the wretched copy you'll see that "what" was said and "who" said it is referenced nowhere in the release. It's a kind of non-informational information and I can't help but thing that whoever wrote that chunk of tripe was doing it not for the supporters of Clinton, but for the approval of the Boss herself. [UPDATE: I would seem they've gotten the message and have now inserted Geffen's name into the copy.]

From the Obama side of the equation, the beclownment was limited. Essentially the campaign stated that, well, no they're not going to give the money back, David (Billionaire) Geffen would continue as finance director, and that Hillary can -- in effect -- pound sand.

At this juncture, that would seem to be the state of play in what continues to be our long national electoral nightmare that only has, what?, 18 months more to run.

Meanwhile, in the Republican ring of this circus, there's no specific beclowning afoot today, but with Romney vs. Rudy we can expect "Mormon underwear" and "mayors in full-drag" outbreaks at any moment. Beclowning happens.

I dedicate this post to Glenn Reynolds and Tim Blair, wordsmiths extraordinaire.

Posted by Vanderleun at February 21, 2006 2:08 PM
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