July 7, 2016

Suburb vs Rural: Let's Compare and Contrast


THE FOLLOWING is an excerpt from my new favorite page to watch, Rural Pioneer:

Ownership is something few think about. Do you own your house, free and clear as they say? Where I live, ownership is neither free nor clear.

My house note is $650/month and my property taxes and home owners insurance are $785/month. The taxes and insurance are required in escrow account according to my mortgage agreement – conditions of the lowest interest rate agreement I could find.

My 40 acres is $400/month (nearly paid for now) and has taxes of $150/year. There is no mortgage, just a simple note, as it was bare unimproved land when purchased.

My suburban place is ¼ of an acre, with neighboring buildings within 20 feet, easements surrounding each parcel 10 feet inclusive, and a very specific set of laws regarding appearance and behaviors allowed. These include:

  • no overnight parking of trailers on the street
  • no unlicensed or unregistered vehicles visible on property
  • no boats parked in driveway
  • no parking on lawns
  • no personalty (discussed below)
  • permits, city approval and required contractors for any home modifications
  • grass height cannot exceed 6 inches
  • no vegetable gardens in front yard
  • specific roofing types/colors required
  • changes in exterior color schemes must be ‘conservative’

there is even more, but you get the picture….

One of the things that HOA’s and cities have latched onto is an archaic legal term called ‘personalty’. This means personal property, and was coined into wide use at the end of the 19th century, primarily in the northeast. It was widely used to keep people from blocking alleys and accesss to buildings in big cities, and numerous ordnances in cities deal with ‘personalty’

For HOA’s and cities today, personalty has been twisted to mean ‘anything we do not like’. I have personally been hit with fines and warnings for the following ‘personalty’ violations:

  • mower visible in side yard for more than 24 hours
  • ‘unknown object’ in driveway (a diamond drill bit)
  • lumber in driveway on saw horses
  • decorative boulders in yard (had to explain to officials)
  • yellow trash cans visible from the street (gray and green acceptable though)
  • 4-wheeler in driveway (3 times warned, then threatened to confiscate as a junk vehicle due to no license and registration)

My farm is absolutely without any of these rules. In point of fact, there are NO county inspectors within the county, thus building and building code matters fall to the states rural electrical, plumbing and construction codes for dwellings, which every RV or mobile home meets. My nearest neighbor is ¼ mile away and is not a permanent resident but a weekender. I can own and park anything I wish to on my property, and paint my home purple if I am so inclined.

RTWT: Rural Where Less Can Be More @ Rural Pioneer ® AND EVEN MORE HORROR CAN BE SEEN HERE: The Horror of Homeowners' Associations

Posted by gerardvanderleun at July 7, 2016 12:26 PM
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HOAs are minnie governments with all the cussedness of human nature on display. Unfortunately, they are much easier to take control of than a city, county, or state government. Most homeowners are too busy living their lives to spend the time and effort that moral busybodies seem to have huge reserves of. To tell others how to live is their dream, their reason for living. And they do it all with the assurance that it is for your own good to knuckle under to what they want.

Think twice before buying where there is a HOA. They can make your life downright unpleasant.

Posted by: Jimmy J. at July 7, 2016 8:54 PM

Obviously people want HOAs. That is their choice to spend their money on those properties mediated by such.

If you don't, don't buy property controlled by one or sell. You have freedom too. If most of your neighbors, or just especially powerful ones, oppose your values keep your powder dry until you are strong enough to fight with gravitas or give the battle up temporarily. Like Islam teaches conduct of warfare.

Or, if that rare individual with Sarah Palin's ability wants to, they can bring the whole system down with transparency.

My God, what grand opportunities before you to not just bitch and moan but actually Stand Athwart statist anti-liberty official cowards commanding only that which they didn't earn and would never fight to keep if challenged with competence.

Oh wait: you never read The Prince.

Machiavelli was like over a hundred years ago, so I understand he ain't got nothing to teach you. Heck, I myself quit after 73 pages.

Easy come, easy go.

Posted by: notquiteunBuckley at July 8, 2016 12:47 AM

At least a rural home aint downtown Dallas. If we had an FBI, they could investigate the racist hate group involved in the Dallas shootings. Wait...

All manner of evil can come from this. Makes it seem planned, doesn't it?

Posted by: Casey Klahn at July 8, 2016 8:26 AM

Several years ago a neighbor who had moved to the country to retire, partly to be near family was telling me that he was not happy about the neighbors, who lived over a quarter mile away shooting fireworks. (On the Fourth of July no less.) It was upsetting his goats and his dogs. I grew up out here, my family has been here well over 100 years and I don't really car for ANYBODY moving out here from town and building a house, but it's someone else's property so it is their business. I told him the reason most people move to the country is so they can do what they want without interference (like raising goats) but he didn't seem to think this freedom should pertain to his neighbors, just to him.

Posted by: Farmer Don at July 9, 2016 5:46 PM