May 4, 2016

"So time to man-up and pull our line together."


"I know there are many #NeverTrump-sters out there. I know he’s not really a conservative butt he’s also not a communist, a socialist or a felon.
I know he shoots his mouth off and attacks any comers who dare criticize him. I know that his manner can be quite off-putting. It’s called fighting dirty. It’s what Democrats do. Principles are lovely things, butt when your country is literally being overrun with illegals and crushed by socialist programs with their attendant debt, it’s time to put your principles in storage for a bit and fight dirty.
"Because the two things we know for sure is 1) Democrat “campaigns” are always run by Alinsky’s Rules and 2) Republicans won’t use them so they lose. The Donald is one of the few on our side who is quite willing to fight dirty, and the only one who really knows how to do it. When he gets down in the mud he leaves more muck on his opponent than himself. He’s combined The Art of the Deal with Alinsky’s Rules. We would be foolish not to support the first Republican in a very long time who’s willing to push back rather than simply slow the rate of the enemy’s advancement. I know none of us knows for sure what he’ll do if elected. Butt we do know what Clinton et al will and frankly I find that much more alarming. At least with Trump we get a wall. And perhaps we won’t have to pawn the country." -- Michelle Obama's Mirror: A Bad Goodbye


Posted by gerardvanderleun at May 4, 2016 11:32 AM
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And feed 'em fish heads.

Posted by: Dan Patterson at May 4, 2016 5:00 PM

My problem with rabid LIEberals is....I have a very short fuse when it comes to overt idocy. Zero tolerance. I can't deal with them in person. My limited right in the face contact with them is always very brief. I size everybody up in 30 seconds or less and if the person is a LIEberal I look for the exit sign, before I end up in jail.

Awhile back I was speaking to LIEberal A and I made a negative comment about LIEberal B. LIEberal A's immediate reaction was to make a negative reference to me. A attacked me because I attacked B. I asked A about it. I said, "What does B's retarded behavior have to do with me?" A then said, "Well, you also do what B did so you have no room to down talk B."

Nevermind that I did NOT do as A stated (remember, LIEberals are first and foremost habitual LIARS), but that A's automatic response was to attack me. This is the reaction of a very small mind and there really is no way to rationally deal with it.

You either have to beat it to death right on the spot, or just get away from it. I chose the latter.

If the conversation had went further than it had I believe I'd probably be in prison right now, or dead. I know my limitations and have been down that road many times, some bad and some not so bad, and it's a place I don't prefer. So I stay away from LIEberals.

See, in this day and age, the LAW is on the side of the LIARS, and there is no way you can win with this unlevel playing field. But the day is coming, the great leveling, and the LIEberals will fast become very near extinct.

By next summer, 80,000,000, poof, gone, nothing but heaped mounds of rotting flesh in the scorching sun and thousands of swirling buzzards will blacken the sky.

Posted by: ghostsniper at May 4, 2016 5:06 PM

I have to say I enjoyed the way Kurt Russell defended his 2d Amendment beliefs in a couple of interviews. He does it the sharp way: he asks questions of his interrogators. Never answers except with a back-in-your-face question. It burns!

Trump! His New York thick skin is just what is needed to skewer the Hillary & Bernie butt heads who propose to run our country further aground.

I hear retail is hiring full time, again. Putin is checking his hand to see if those lesser cards will play. Hillary had better lawyer up. It's going to be hard to focus on her campaign when the prosecutor is sharpening his knife.

Posted by: Casey Klahn at May 4, 2016 7:42 PM