November 24, 2009

Rude Awakenings at the Absolute Power Restaurant

The Democrat Party Dines in Washington, as interpreted by Monty Python

Maître-D': Uh, today we ’ave for appetizers — excuse me. Uh, moules marinières, pâté de foie gras, Beluga caviar, eggs Benedictine, tart de poireau — that’s leek tart — frogs’ legs amandine, or oeufs de caille Richard Shepherd — c’est-à-dire, little quails’ eggs on a bed of puréed mushroom; it’s very delicate, very subtle.
Democrat Party: I’ll have the lot.
Maître-D': [Pause] A wise choice, monsieur! And now, ’ow would you like it served? All, uh, mixed up togezher in a bucket?
Democrat Party: Yeah... with the eggs on top.

Robin of Berkeley in American Thinker: The Wilding of Sarah Palin strikes the right notes when it comes to outlining the dementia of the Democrat Party in the age of Obama:

It has been almost two years since I woke up and broke up with liberalism. During these many months, I've discovered that everything I believed was wrong.

But the biggest shock of all has been realizing that the Democratic Party is hardly an oasis for women. Now that it has been infiltrated by the hard Left, it's a dangerous place for women, children, and other living things.

In the wilding of Sarah Palin, the Left shows its true colors. Rather than shield the vulnerable, leftists will mow down any man, woman, or child who gets in their way. Instead of a movement of hope and change, it is a cauldron of hate.

"A cauldron of hate" pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? It's bubbling away everywhere you look in Democrat politics these days, and it is giving off a worse and worse stench as "friendly persuasion" gives way to bribery, corrupt ethics and morals, thuggery, buggery, and a rising and shrill insistence that all Americans simply give up their reservations and chow down on another heaping plate of Democrat bullshit.

There's going to be the annual wave of nostalgic moments in the next few days about the Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, but if you look at the menu currently on offer from the White House it's just one sloppy Joe of recycled political offal after another. How long many Democrats will spoon up the giblets of guano bobbing about in the hate cauldron of Obama stew and smack their lips remains to be seen. My sense is that more and more are turning away from the table revolted. Others may have to eat a few more servings of hate before their own stomachs turn.

Some will continue to suck the slops of hate from the trough until the "one thin chocolate mint" moment in the Monty Python sketch above. Then it will be time for others to take cover and avoid the tsunami of putrid hate that spews from their chancrous gullets.

In the end, however, it will be only the true believers who have fed on the carrion of hate for so long that nothing else can nourish them. For those remaining Democrats, as it is for bears, it can only be observed, "Once a bear gets hooked on garbage, there's no cure."

Posted by Vanderleun at November 24, 2009 6:43 PM
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We don't have a whole lot to be thankful this year at my house, but we can be thankful that we've managed to hang on and survive and that we have the will not to give up before putting up a damn good fight.

I think I will add in that I'm thankful for Vanderleun, whose posts and photos bring so much enjoyment into an otherwise rather dull life.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. V, and to all your loyal readers the same.

Posted by: Sara (Pal2Pal) at November 24, 2009 8:28 PM

"...giblets of guano bobbing about..."

Those were the days!

We couldn't afford the traditional apple bobbing.

We had to make do.

And we did.

I echo---or repeat--the sentiments of Sara, above.

Thanks, Gerard.

Posted by: Lance de Boyle at November 24, 2009 9:17 PM

The takeaway quote in Robin of Berkeley's essay is this:

"..those ponytailed guys were marching for abortion rights not because they cherished women's reproductive freedom, but to keep women available for free and easy sex."


Posted by: Rob De Witt at November 24, 2009 10:15 PM

Ditto Sara and Lance. Whatever the absurd state of the world, let us give thanks for...
American Digest and its author...
for the America that inspires him...
for Americans who love and admire this extraordinary country.

God bless you, Gerard, and those who share your love of America.

Posted by: Western Chauvinist at November 25, 2009 3:00 PM
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