September 2, 2010

Fox News Watching in England: "A masterpiece of reportage."


In a thoughtful reply to Side-Lines: Green Martyr with "Embiggened" Ideas Go Boom American Digest commenter FrankP, looks at a rare class act in American television journalism from his comfy chair in Angleterre:

I watched this story unfold on Fox News Channel from the comfort of my armchair in Norfolk, England, throughout our evening (your morning).

Megan Kelly kicked it off with a breaking news item and tentatively put together the early stages in her clinical and precise way, then handed over to Shep Smith. He fleshed it out during the dramatic stand-off with a gradual supply of background gen which moved it from a possible 'Asian' terrorist strike, to an environmental nut-job pantomime, in very smooth transition.

Interjected were vox pops from eye-witnesses and harrowing pictures of infants being removed from danger in their cots, one sitting up and apparently enjoying the incident (unlike his rescuers) despite looking a little bemused by all the excitement.

Shep, in his inimitable way sailed through an hour of faultless non-stop commentary, orchestrating the whole shebang with characteristic consummate ease and interjecting his wry humour into the incident without stepping over the line. He managed to get a couple of digs at Al Gore in the process.

Then Neil Cavuto took over. During his stint the researchers had contacted the husband of Lee's sister; Cavuto proceeded to tease from him the story of Lee's life and gradual decline of his mental health. Cavuto got more or less the complete story of Lee's families trials and tribulations resulting from Lee's descent into madness.

All this with a life and death stand-off being depicted by a multi-screen set up. Brilliant. It was a masterpiece of reportage.

Unfortunately I missed the denouement because just as we got to the vinegar strokes, we had a power-cut (not unusual in these here parts these days; it’s the Socialism thing – beware!). By the time power was restored, Beck was already into his usual entertaining crusader shtick - and didn't even mention it. It was only later when I scoured the Internet and discovered that Lee had been whacked by the SWAT cops; by then it was yesterday's potatoes and I went to bed.

The point of my own long ramble about it is to underscore for you guys that you are very lucky to have Fox News. We have nothing even approaching its professional journalistic and production qualities in Britain. The Fox Channel gets written off here by our liberal/communist MSM as a right-wing looney / commercialistic outfit.

The two hours plus of the Lee hostage siege was gripping telly and the journalists and producers should collect some sort of award as a result. Only in America, indeed! Congratulation to Fox - and all who sail in her.

As for the lies and corruption of the Al Gore bandwagon - perhaps some of them should reflect on what their cynical scams can provoke in the minds of the impressionable. The evil bastards won't - of course.

Posted by: Frank P at September 2, 2010 7:31 AM

Posted by Vanderleun at September 2, 2010 9:55 AM
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Vinegar strokes. There's one for the vocab...

Posted by: Cobb at September 2, 2010 2:45 PM

Yes and following that day of genius reportage... we sit transfixated as Fox News morphs into the Weather Channel. Then blow by frikin' blow, they nash their collective teeth, as the winds don't turn all the real property into toothpicks. Earl are you out there? Please come in. (insert Howard Dean scream here) Positively, awful.

Posted by: Nance at September 3, 2010 12:56 PM